ORLANDO, Fla. — With record numbers for conference attendees, why not catch up with a few? CMSWire.com talked with three of the more than 2,000 who will descend upon the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton for OpenText Enterprise World 2013: The Enterprise Information Management Conference.

Tech Services Manager: Functionality Needed

Tom Hughes works as the technology services manager for the state-run Southwest Florida Water Management District in Brooksville, Fla. He told us OpenText recently acquired his organization’s legacy enterprise information management (EIM) software. 

The future of the product and its ongoing support offerings are important to Hughes and his firm. “We’re trying to see where we fit in and where OpenText is headed,” Hughes said. The organization has proprietary applications and has done a lot of customization with OpenText solution Vignette

Hughes called the presentation on Appworks delivered this morning at “Techie Tuesday” by Adam Howatson, vice president of products for OpenText, “very exciting.” Howatson told the audience Appworks is OpenText’s new development platform to create, deploy and manage applications that use OpenText from any platform.

“It works well with what we’re going for,” said Hughes, whose IT department includes 47 staffers who provide technical support for 550 employees.

“The big win for content management,” Hughes added, “is being able to create a unified approach to our documents infrastructure and how we share documents and how users access documents and their search capabilities.”

By and large, Hughes told us, his internal employees — his customers, really — just want things to work. “Everything needs to work like it’s supposed to so they can get their jobs done without asking for help,” Hughes said. “There’s no lag time in performance and no support issues — that’s the customers’ ‘win’ point. Our entire focus is the internal customer.”

Advisory Architect: Eyes on Cordys

Jeroen Oostrijck, an advisory architect of CSC in Utrecht, Netherlands, told CMSWire.com his global organization has been reorganizing and shifting away from the traditional outsourcing company with “big data centers.”

Instead, he said, it wants to be one of the leaders in the “new world of cloud and apps” and how that relates to “business relevance.” One of the more strategic products in this regard was that of Cordys, bought this past August by OpenText.

CSC aims to better understand how it can maximize the takeover by OpenText. “Some customers are concerned because of the takeover,” Oostrijck explained. “But I was happy to see OpenText making an effort to integrate all of their products.”

Further, Oostrijck is keeping close tabs on OpenText’s efforts in predictive analysis circles. “The hot buzzword right now is predictive analysis,” Oostrijck said. “It’s a big thing.”

CEO: Information Control, Governance Crucial

Tiago Gavinhos is the CEO of Sao Paulo, Brazil-based Vilt, whose ECM software solutions are sold globally under the OpenText brand. He told us this morning his organization has been busy with accounts such as Barcelona City Hall,  a Spanish government organization that runs 130 sites over the OpenText and Vilt  platform.

What’s important today for EIM providers? Gavinhos said organizations have too much information to manage, and must be cognizant that many customers have regulations with which they must comply. Further, they need to create engaging customer experiences that bring them “closer to their customers and provide unique experiences.”