Before initiating conversation, you want to be sure you speak a customer's language -- literally and figuratively. Adeptra provides businesses with the tools of conversation needed to support their customers.  

Does Your Global Strategy Translate?

As a recognized leader in automated customer contact and resolution for fraud, collections and marketing, Adeptra has made its two-way, end-to-end customer communications solutions available in 20 languages and dialects.

Focused on providing localized customer service support for those in the Pacific region of Asia, Adeptra has added support for Chinese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean. With the addition of seven new languages, Adeptra now supports UK English, American English, Australian English, South African English, New World Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Continental and Canadian French, Polish, European Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Flemish and Danish.

Mobile + Global = Accessibility

While language resources are a big part of a business’ global strategy, Adeptra sees the bigger picture. Offering 20 languages not only meets the needs of their customers, but their client’s customers as well. Being able to communicate effectively in local languages allows customers to enhance and strengthen relationships with their consumers and achieve more successful end results in their fraud, collections and marketing activities.

As more and more banking and financial institutions are going global and mobile, it’s no longer acceptable to limit accessibility to prospective customers. Creating a global strategy means being skilled at understanding and responding to the needs of your customers. If you can’t communicate, you can’t cultivate.

Thanks to Adeptra, companies can proactively engage with their customers to improve retention and enhance the customer experience while consistently meeting the communication challenges and opportunities in fraud prevention, collections, marketing and customer service.