Anametrix Secures Funding to Push Business Analytics Suite

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The recently established business analytics vendor Anametrix has announced that it has secured another round of funding, this time through private investor Walter G. Kortschak, who specializes in emerging technology companies, and is probably best known for leading Summit's US$ 30 million equity investment in WebSideStory.

Anametrix Developments

If you don’t remember that one, then you might recall that this is the same company that acquired Visual Sciences, merged into Omniture (news, site) and has since been acquired by Adobe (news, site) for US$ 1.8 billion. A success story, you might say.

Krotschak was also involved in the initial funding for McAfee (news, site) -- and we all know where that ended up, right, Intel? --as well as numerous other startup companies that have since gone on to become "players" in their own right.

Joining him as General Counsel and VP of Corporate Development will be Michael Christian, who worked closely with Kortschak while serving as general counsel at WebSideStory, and was instrumental in taking the initially bootstrapped WebSideStory through private fundraising and a successful IPO.

So you get the picture: New cloud-based business analytics vendor is taken on by two of Silicon Valley’s heavy hitters. The rest should be fairly clear-cut.

Except in the world of enterprise-level analytics at the moment, nothing is very obvious at all and it is entering into a competitive space that is already occupied by giants such as IBM and SAP, where mergers and acquisitions are happening monthly and the number of companies is getting smaller, even if they are getting bigger.

Anametrix, InstaVista

However, that is not to say that a new entrant can’t make a splash if they have the right product, and Anametrix seems to think it has in InstaVista's analytics and marketing intelligence suite.

InstaVista is a cloud-based suite built on technologies that include Adobe Flex as well as Microsoft Excel bidirectional synchronization.


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How InstaVista works

Learning Opportunities

InstaVista 3.0 was released only last month and clearly Anametrix is expecting great things of it.

It features real-time multi-channel attribution continually correlating data points from disparate sources and locations with Microsoft Excel bi-directional synchronization. Typically, the company says, enterprises can have it up and running in within weeks, after which there is no IT maintenance needed.

Built around an open architecture, data can be moved back and forth between it and Excel, while users can gain access to it from any Flash-enabled browser.

With it, users getinteractive visualizations of vast amounts of online and offline information, including web analytics, point of sale, social media and search engine marketing, as well as offering analysis of data contained in videoand audio streams, email marketing campaigns and CRM applications.

With this data, it tracks both online and offline sales activity associated with advertising campaigns, while the Excel syncing activity enables organizations to align employee activities with enterprise applications without having to call in IT.

Instead of waiting months to understand the return on investment (ROI) of marketing dollars spent, our clients measure performance against business goals immediately as data becomes available. Budgets can thus be adapted and streamlined accordingly,” Anders Olsson, Anametrix CTO and cofounder said at the time of the 3.0 release.

Because InstaVista is cloud-based, Anametrix says pricing is flexible and based on use, with the possibly of migrating enterprise content at scalable pricing based on data volumes. 

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