The developer of the document search application for SharePoint, Atidan, is closing off the year by uniting two of the biggest-selling apps of the year through its own DocExplore application. As of today, iPad and iPhone users will be able to search documents stored in SharePoint using Atidan’s mobile app.

While there are a lot of applications that are good for searching SharePoint, and SharePoint content, the mobile version of DocExplore should be particularly useful for heavy document users, as it focuses specifically on finding documents rather than any other kind of content.

Searching SharePoint Docs

It provides both collapsed and expanded file views as well as site and sub-site searches with filters, and supports Windows, Forms and Office 365 authentications, as well as enabling login retention across multiple sites.

It comes with a clean and intuitive interface, Atidan says, that recognizes user’s gestures as well as search functions that can identify and find specific documents in SharePoint libraries. Documents that have been found can then be read in full-screen mode, or emailed according to requirements. There’s a whole pile of other features, including:

  • Folders and files in a tree view
  • Dual Search to search and filter across sites and sub sites
  • Remember login details on any number of sites
  • Move fast across multiple folder levels, without server trips
  • Email documents as attachments
  • Support for Office, pictures, PDFs, text, .csv
  • Supports Windows Authentication

The app is already available in the App Store and advertised as the fastest mobile search tool for SharePoint, as well as landing itself on the "What’s’ Hot" list for business applications published by Apple. Even better, SharePoint DocExplore 1.0.3 is only $2.99. Happy Christmas all!