Attivio Brings Action and Intelligence to Unified Information Access

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You may have noticed an artificial split between where search engines end and information management begins. With the launch of Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine 3.0 (AIE 3.0) disparate content and data is reorganized and unified so it can be found and used to reframe and rethink business challenges and processes.

Unified Information Access for All

Attivio is no stranger to unified information access. They definitely recognize how information isolation can lead to breakdowns within organizations. It isn’t just that information is hard to find; a siloed approach can limit how a company innovates and collaborates. We spoke with Sid Probstein, Chief Technology Officer at Attivio about how unified access helps organizations communicate, innovate and collaborate better.

Organizations thrive on information in many ways. While a non-profit may need to integrate donation data, demographics, emails and charity profile documents, so they can accurately identify level of engagement and specific charitable interests for highly personalized donor communications, an investment firm may want to give analysts the ability to quickly access the company’s entire research and time-series data library, so they can identify new market correlations and lucrative investment opportunities. These capabilities may serve different needs, but they both rely on integrating information across the enterprise. Without these capabilities, simple functionalities become laborious and costly. With them, they empower organizations to take control and reap the benefits.

Creating Breakthroughs, Instead of Breakdowns

Yet, unifying information isn’t so easy. It requires more than just knowing where your information is. Attivio goes straight to the source by examining and understanding how every type of user accesses the information they need: search queries and role-based dashboards for mainstream business users, existing business intelligence investments for power users, and new applications for those in between.

Learning Opportunities

Tackling ‘big data’ can be challenging and overwhelming. With AIE 3.0 companies can immediately gain insight and access into the business activity that is most important to each user’s particular function and corporate directive, simplifying the process considerably. Lest you think that the enterprise is in-tune with the concept of unified information access, Mr. Probstein says that most companies come to accept UIA after it’s used to solve a problem, not because they know that UIA is the solution. Subsequently, the more insights available to you, the more companies want access to their information so they better deliver on a project basis.

Get Empowered By Your Information

Attivio’s AIE 3.0 doesn’t just want to solve your problems, it wants to inspire you to know more. Because managing information is often so complicated, the enterprise has resigned to knowing just as enough information to get by. But by unifying data across systems, accessing information is no longer a privilege, but a reasonable expectation, which can empower users to take control and deliver more comprehensive results.

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