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Attunity announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and unveiled a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for moving big data in and out of the cloud.

The platform, called Attunity CloudBeam, is designed for such uses as big data analytics and disaster recovery, and is currently available for testing by AWS customers.

Overcoming the Bottleneck

With this release, Attunity seeks to end the bottleneck many businesses suffer when trying to transfer large amounts of data between the cloud, where business apps’ data are frequently being stored, and data centers. CloudBeam is designed to overcome this bottleneck, through what the company calls “an elastic, high-performance, simple-to-use platform.”

The company said that CloudBeam can offer faster loading of on-premises files to Amazon Web Services because of its elastic infrastructure, in which the cloud resources expand to support customers’ requirements, and because of its high performance capabilities, with file loading as much as 100 times faster than Amazon Simple Storage System (S3) Enhanced Uploader.

Attunity also pointed to a streamlined method of defining Amazon S3 resources for use by multiple uploading environments, without repeated configuration for each environment.

Result of RepliWeb Acquisition

Shimon Alon, Chairman and CEO of Attunity, said in a statement that CloudBeam “is a direct result of our strategic acquisition of RepliWeb last year.” Attunity purchased RepliWeb in September of 2011. RepliWeb was a provider of file replication and file transfer technologies based in Coconut Creek, Florida.

At the time of the acquisition, Attunity said that the purchase would mean it could offer “the broadest line of replication solutions, enabling access, sharing and distribution of both data and content across heterogeneous IT platforms in enterprise data centers and Cloud environments.”

Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, Attunity provides software solutions for accessing, sharing and distributing data between heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations and the cloud. Its solutions for data replication, change data capture, data connectivity, enterprise file replication and managed-file-transfer are provided directly or indirectly through such partners as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and HP.