AvePoint Compliance Guardian, sharepoint, information management

Every business has Information security concerns. To ease those concerns however, AvePoint has released its Compliance Guardian Service Pack 1 (SP1), offering upgraded data protection and security.

SharePoint Data Security

One of the real challenges with SharePoint is that it is spread across the entire enterprise. It is often also present in the enterprise as several different environments that connect and collaborate with each other. But to govern this, especially in very large enterprises where it is difficult to get an overview of all SharePoint deployments, is bordering on the impossible. 

While it is entirely up to enterprises themselves to develop information management strategies, AvePoint is offering an upgraded solution to help with this the shape Compliance Guardian SP1, which takes into account, and caters for, the scalability of SharePoint environments.

AvePoint Data Protection Functionality

With SP1, AvePoint is offering a solution with a distributed architecture for geographically disparate environments. It also offers features that provide security, privacy and secure accessibility for sites, while maintaining site quality and functionality.

This release, as a Service Pack, provides upgrades for its existing Compliance Guardian solution, but comes with a whole bunch of new features. Among them are:

  • File Systems Compliance: Out-of-the-box or customized assessment of a wide range of US and international legislation on information sharing and privacy with the ability to tag sensitive data,  as well as indicating the level of sensitivity of the data.
  • Web Compliance: New abilities to crawl and monitor websites, as well as assess the risk level posed by content on those sites. Compliance assessments can also be automated using Compliance Guardian Web Transaction scripting.
  • Risk reports: Using a new Advanced Risk Calculator that comes with out-of-the-box and customizable algorithms, enterprises can assess risk posed by all enterprise content from different perspectives.
  • Site Quality: Assess qualitative issues in websites like broken links, missing images and other content related errors as well as issues around branding to ensure that sites conform to whatever compliance standards are being applied.

Finally, it also assess all the data that is being using or transiting enterprise file systems and can monitor hundreds of file formats, including images, zip files and even files produced through AutopCad. It’s available as of today.