Big Data Bits Featuring Andreessen Horowitz, Data Elite, Mode, Actian, Kurobase, Databox

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Information Management, Big Data Bits Featuring Andreessen Horowitz, Data Elite
Dear New York Times, AllThingsD and anyone else who says that big data is an "Economic Big Dud," we have news for you -- you’re wrong.

How do we know? Because we’ve been speaking to companies who are leveraging big data and analytics to create new products and services, to companies who are using big data to grow their top and bottom lines, to experts who work in the field and to vendors who help their customers use big data to power their businesses.

Pay attention to CMSWire over the next month and you’ll hear more about this. 

In the meantime, here’s this week’s notable news from the world of big data.

What Follows Making a Mint at Yammer?

You start your next venture, of course.

Keep an eye out for Mode, a GitHub of sorts for analytics,that has been funded, for the most part, by former Yammer CEO, David Sacksand whose founders include Derek Steer (Microsoft, Yammer, Facebook) andJosh Ferguson (Yammer, MyAnchor, Electronic Arts).

What Mode hopes to be is a place where data analysts come to share their work so that no one has to replicate what’s already been done and so that everyone can be more productive. The company says that Mode works with languages analysts are already familiar with -- SQL, R and Python -- and records their work from end to end to provide a complete, shareable, auditable picture of any type of analysis.

Good idea? We certainly think so. If they can get the analyst elite on board (once Mode is open, you can sign-up for early access now), we might bet on it.

The World’s Top VCs Bank on Big Data

You don’t have to ask some of the world’s most successfulventure capitalists(Andreessen Horowitz, The Social+Capital Partnership, Formation8, Ron Conway and Anand Rajaraman) if they think Big Data is dead -- their wallets are doing the talking.

Late last week they sent along a note announcing Data Elite, Silicon Valley’s first venture lab for big data startups. They claim that data scientists want to solve massive problems in a setting of their peers versus a generally based incubator.

As a result, they are providing elite groups with everything they need to succeed: working space, support staff, a customer board and an A-list of mentors that includes among others the likes of Ken Rudin, head of analytics at Facebook; Jeff Magnusson, manager, Data Science Platform Architecture at Netflix; Anand Rajaraman, computer science professor at Stanford and founder of Kosmix, which became WalmartLabs in 2011.

Now it’s certainly worth noting that this isn’t a charitable effort -- data science for the good of humanity, or something like that -- these VCs believe that the data scientist teams they welcome into the incubator will create something big and in exchange for their $150,000+ investment, they’ll belooking for returns via common stock purchase and convertible notes.

Actian Brings Value to Big Data and Analytics

We’ve all heard it said that big data is the new oil and that analytics are the tools required for mining, but there’s something incomplete about that idea says Actian, a provider of big data analytics.

In business, as in the rest of life, it’s action (or actively choosing not to take action) that counts. And taking action on insights gleaned from yesterday’s data may not be the best approach.

That’s why Actian has introduced a new release of ParAccel Dataflow Operators that integrate the recently announced ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform, further unifying its technology offerings.

The company says that this new innovation ties together the data management capabilities of Hadoop with the high-performance analytic processing of the ParAccel Big Data Analytic Platform, enabling organizations to achieve better price performance and quicker time to analytic value.

Learning Opportunities

Expect to see more announcements like this from Actian in the near term. This technology integration comes only months after Actian’s announcement of leveraging recently acquired companies ParAccel, Pervasive Software and Versant Corporation to deliver the ParAccel Big Data Analytics and Actian DataCloud Platforms.

“You are seeing the new Actian in action,” says Actian’s CEO Steve Shine. “We are a big data innovator with the agility of a small Silicon Valley startup and the strength and staying power of a global stalwart.” 

Kurobase Launches Couchbase as a Service

A few terms are rapidly becoming as buzz-worthy in the enterprise space as big data, social, mobile and cloud. Two on our list include “Just Sign-up and Go” and “Elastic.”

KuroBase, a cloud data platform that provides “a high speed, low latency, cloud-based, scalable and elastic platform for NoSQL databases" could probably mention at least five of the six in the same sentence, but we’re not going to ask them to because it’s likely that they’ve already done so on their website.

Last week, the company announced that it will be offering Couchbase as a Service, a great option for developers who don’t want to make long-term commitments or worry about maintaining servers and the like. And if price tops convenience, here’s a big win: the entry point for developers is free.

It’s worth noting that DataStax announced a similar offering, only their NoSQL option is Cassandra.

Is Databox Tomorrow’s Box For Analytics?

“It’s not about Big Data, it’s about the right data,” says Davorin Gabrovec, CEO of Databox, a start-up that provides a Mobile Executive Dashboards for managers who want to be connected to the key metrics that drive their businesses.

He claims that business intelligence is a $14 billion market and that Gartner and the IDC say that more than 33 percent of all analytic data will be consumed on mobile devices by the end of 2015.

The attendees at Silicon Valley’s DEMO Conference, from which some of technology’s most successful companies have emerged, liked what they saw. And providing company brass with access to business intelligence via mobile certainly will become a must. The only challenge we see for Databox is being able to do so better than everyone else.

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