Celebrate #BigDataWeek With Insights, Hackathons
It seems that there’s week for everything, from social media to usability. Now it’s Big Data’s turn. This week marks Big Data Week, a series of community-led events and hackathons relating to Big Data. Across the UK, US, Germany, Finland and Australia, Big Data Week aims to bring together the communities of data scientists, data visualizers, data technologists and CIOs to gain a better understanding of the diverse aspects of Big Data, from the technology challenges to the commercial opportunities.

Hacking Your Way to Big Data Insights

Founded by DataSift, the social data platform company that knows a thing or two about managing large amount of information, Big Data will feature the world’s first Global Data Science Hackathon on April 28, a 24-hour challenge taking place in eight cities around the world where teams will compete to solve specific Big Data challenges by creating new analytical and predictive insights from public data.

And yet, Big Data Week isn’t limited to hackathons. There are many other events for amateurs and experts alike.

April 24:

Big Data, Social Data Panel Session (London) -- An all-star line-up of the brightest minds in the Big Data industry including Doug Cutting, the co-founder of the Apache Hadoop project and creator of Nutch and Lucene, Edd Dumbill, co-chair Strata Conference and Nick Halstead, founder and CTO of DataSift.

Data Mining Group (San Francisco) -- An introduction to Hadoop and experiences in using it, with Joe Adler, a senior data scientist at LinkedIn.

Learning Opportunities

April 25:

Data Visualization Meetup (London) -- The Data Visualization London consists of a group of people who are interested in visualization of Big Data to show insights and answers within the data.

April 26

Digital Analytics Symposium (New York) -- The event will showcase how data is becoming the critical focus of almost every angle of every industry: Venture capital & private equity, customer insights, media enhancement and beyond and how the NY environment is becoming the crucible driving this growth.

More Data vs. Better Data vs. Better Algorithms (Boston) -- This session will present a modeling approach that combines domain expertise and quantitative data to demonstrate that predictive models can be developed without quantitative data, as well as several techniques that leverage the quantity of data, increasing accuracy as you scale.Big data can thus lead to better analysis -- not just bigger analysis.

A Week for Big Data 

There’s no denying that big data has become an emerging topic and there are no easy answers. By bringing together the best and brightest people from across the Big Data industry, the opportunity for increasing knowledge and developing a greater understanding of the different aspects of Big Data is possible. So why not hand your week over to Big Data and sift through all that the data science industry has to offer?