DataSift Offers Twitter Feeds From as Far Back as 2010
While there are many benefits to Facebook’s Timeline feature, a prominent byproduct allows us to more easily have access to those incriminating posts we made back when we were much less savvy about sharing our thoughts and opinions than we are today (hopefully). Yes, we can block others from seeing them, but we know that they are there. Well, now thanks to DataSift, brands can have access to tweets from as far back as 2010 -- back to a time when we thought tweeting about our breakfast was exactly what our followers wanted to know.

Gonna Go Back in Time

Many of you may know DataSift as one of Twitter’s data partners that currently provides developers and third parties with access to the full Twitter firehose in real time. This week, however, it launched Historics, a cloud-computing platform, which enables entrepreneurs and enterprises to extract business insights from Twitter’s public Tweets dating back to January 2010. It’s just enough data from which to glean information about followers back when they may have decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, and yet not nearly enough data to make early adopters cower in embarrassment.

Obviously, timelines and firehoses provide great benefits, many of which can help developers, marketers and companies alike learn more about those with whom they engage. By using DataSift to mine Twitter’s social data, users can filter data for demographic information, online influence and sentiment, both positive or negative. Users can search by a variety of filters, including location, gender, sentiment, language and influence based on Klout score, to provide quick and detailed insight and analysis. 

A Tweetful of History

With Historics, users can gain insights from the social data embedded in every tweet or retweet. Accessing such details is like getting a skeleton key able to unlock the history of its users. You may know what your user likes now, but what about six months, a year, or two years ago? By giving companies an ability to filter social data, extracting meaning and creating insights becomes easier.

Current DataSift customers can start using Historics right away; others can sign up for a wait list. Historics is currently scheduled to be generally available in April 2012 will be available as either a corporate subscription or pay-as-you-go service