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  • Socialbakers Give Community Managers an Analytics PRO

    Many engagement platforms can help organizations better identify social metrics, including influencers and competitors. Today, Socialbakers enters the fray with its Analytics PRO platform. Identify, Engage, Track Influencers Designed to track Facebook and Twitter campaign performance on a social media engagement platform, Analytics PRO enables companies of all sizes to

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  • DataSift Offers Twitter Feeds From as Far Back as 2010

    While there are many benefits to Facebook’s Timeline feature, a prominent byproduct allows us to more easily have access to those incriminating posts we made back when we were much less savvy about sharing our thoughts and opinions than we are today (hopefully).

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  • The Bro Code: Manage Twitter in Real Time With SocialBro

    To say there are a lot of tools to help you manage, measure and monitor your social media presence is an understatement. Finding the right tool isn’t easy, but when you find it, it can be life-changing. Such was the case when I discovered SocialBro. Despite its frat boy

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