The Bro Code: Manage Twitter in Real Time With SocialBro

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The Bro Code: Manage Twitter in Real Time With SocialBro
To say there are a lot of tools to help you manage, measure and monitor your social media presence is an understatement. Finding the right tool isn’t easy, but when you find it, it can be life-changing. Such was the case when I discovered SocialBro. Despite its frat boy name, SocialBro delivers a powerful and comprehensive Twitter management dashboard that will make you wish you could manage everything in your life with it. 

Alas, it is limited to Twitter, but even so it’s worth it. Here’s why.

Get to Know Your SocialBro

Typically, employing a social media monitoring tool requires integrating a separate tool. You tweet from within one platform like Hootsuite or Tweet Deck, and monitor from another. With SocialBro’s dashboard, which can be downloaded to desktop or through a Chrome plug-in, you can do both (and much more).


SocialBro's dashboard acts as a scorecard by observing the progress of your community

As a community manager, learning about your fans and followers helps you better connect and share content that’s relevant and timely for your audience. Most social media monitoring tools tell you only so much, making it so you’re using several different tools to help you get the big picture. One tells you your reach, while another tells you trends and topics. With SocialBro, it’s all in one place. You can sync accounts to give you the most up-to-date information about who your followers are by industry, location, time zone, topic and more.


SocialBro lets you select insights of all your community or separately 

Not only is this information available, but it can be shared, downloaded and backed up. You can apply filters, conduct advanced searches and add tags so you can better learn and engage with your followers.

Learning Opportunities


SocialBro users can find the best time to tweet, compare competitors and discover new followers

Social media monitors can overwhelm users with lots of data, while leaving them little guidance for how to use it. Yet, SocialBro’s dashboard simplifies the process by providing information in a way that adds value to the community management experience.

Dude, SocialBro is Free

SocialBro also makes it easy to integrate with other tools. Users can integrate with Bufferapp and PeerIndex to help schedule tweets and track community rankings, respectively.

For now, SocialBro is a free tool. The free version limits the “Best time to tweet” option to the top 100 users, will not analyze other twitter accounts with a community of over 5000 and is only available for Twitter accounts with fewer than 250, 000 followers. A premium option is scheduled for March 2012.