Cloud Computing is Confusing to Americans

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A national survey shows Americans are confused about the idea of cloud computing with 95 percent of those who said they don't use the cloud acutally being shown to do so.

Fifty one percent of respondents thought a storm could interfere with cloud computing. While the public at large, who responded to the survey via email no less, may be confused about what exactly the cloud is, enterprises and savvy consumers are both well ahead of them.

Cloud Opportunities Abound

Even if people pretend to know what the cloud is when they really don't (22 percent of respondents admitted to this), it's worth noting those people get the idea is at least important enough to fake knowing about. In other words, the cloud is here to stay even if the masses don't get some of its finer points. 

For enterprises, there are mixed signals in some cases, but many are adopting the cloud for a variety of purposes. The main roadblock, according to the survey, is actually cost, with security and privacy concerns following close behind.


The Cloud doesn't compute for a wide swath of the American public.


Learning Opportunities

Citrix, an IT infrastructure company, commissioned Wakefield Research to conduct the survey and among the benefits people said they saw for businesses, improvements in consumer engagement were number one. 

BYOD Front and Center

Being able to get critical information, documents and access to work tools from just about anywhere is changing the way companies do business, and society is responding accordingly. The cloud is seen as a great way to engage customers, clients and coworkers and to allow them access to content from a variety of places. 

One big takeaway from the survey is nearly 60 percent of respondents said they felt the workplace of the future will exist entirely in the cloud. That's a pretty optimistic number, though we don't know how far into the future those people may have been thinking. Tell us in the comments if you work 100 percent in the cloud or how long you think it will be before this is the case.