Cloudera isn’t into chasing Hadoop tails. “We have consistently led the market,” said Matt Brandwein, the company's director of product marketing.

He may have an argument, given that Cloudera’s Chief Architect, Doug Cutting, is credited with the creation of Hadoop … that the company introduced Cloudera Search, the first fully integrated search engine for interactive exploration of data stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Apache HBase … and that it has built technologies such as Open Source Sentry, which provides security for data stored in Hadoop.

Not only that, but Cloudera also claims to have more than 700 partners working with CDH, its Open Source distribution of Apache Hadoop, which, needless to say, is a pretty strong vote of confidence from the marketplace.

Two of Three Announcements 

This week at the Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2013, Cloudera will make three announcements that drive home Brandwein’s argument. We’re able to share two of them today. Pay attention, because they represent toast-sized bread crumbs along the trail that leads to the big news Cloudera will be making tomorrow.

You can read about it here first thing in the morning. Today, Cloudera introduces two new Cloudera Connect programs: "Cloudera Connect: Innovators" and "Cloudera Connect: Cloud."

Introducing Cloudera Connect: Innovators

Cloudera Connect: Innovators is a program that helps customers harness the latest innovations from the open source ecosystem, while getting the reliability and production support they've come to expect from Cloudera.

By this time next year, we should all be familiar with DataBricks. Today the company is still in stealth mode, but we still know something about it.

Its board members and management include Ion Stoica (CEO), a professor of computer science at UC Berkeley and a co-founder of Conviva, Matei Zaharia (CTO), the creator of Apache Spark and an assistant professor of computer science at MIT,Ben Horowitz, co-founder and general partner ofAndreessen Horowitz, who also co-founded and ran Opsware (which HP acquired in 2007) and Scott Shenker, a professor of computer science at UC Berkeley and co-founder and CEO of Nicira (acquired by VMware in 2012). The company’s venture capital, it should come as no surprise, is coming from Andreessen Horowitz.

The engineers at DataBricks created Apache Spark and Apache Shark. They’re branding their company, which leverages these technologies, as the "next-generation software for analyzing and extracting value from data." Brandwein said their product is faster than anything they’ve seen on the market.

Cloudera, Apache Spark

Cloudera also announced direct support for Apache Spark with CDH, which brings users the ability to perform rapid, resilient processing of in-memory datasets stored in Hadoop, as well as general data processing. But that’s not all. Brandwein said it is also offering support for Apache Spark with Cloudera Impala for interactive SQL workloads, Cloudera Search for interactive full text search, and CDH — which includes the latest Hadoop innovations, as well as new high performance, efficiency, and data management enhancements.

The result? Cloudera thinks it can provide its customers with the right tool for any big data workload and help them succeed in using data to solve business problems at unprecedented speed.

Learning Opportunities

Do other vendors, such as Teradata,Aster, andHDP, HDP offer similar capabilities? "No company has what we have," Brandwein said. “No company can deliver value as fast.”

It’s worth noting that DataBricks or other technologies from the Cloudera Connect program might eventually be bundled into CDH and Impala. Whether that happens or not, Brandwein is certain that the Cloudera Connect program is enabling its customers to choose the right tool for any big data workload and helping them succeed in using data to solve business problems as quickly and effectively as possible.

Unveiling Cloudera Connect: Cloud

Brandwein said Cloudera’s customers have articulated the need to process data and run analytics when and wherever they’re needed, which means that a cloud solution is in order. As a result, later today Cloudera will formally introduce Cloudera Connect: Cloud, an expanded Cloudera Connect Partner Program to support deployment of Hadoop in public cloud environments.

Some notable cloud providers such as Savvis (a CenturyLink company), SoftLayer (an IBM company), T-Systems and Verizon Cloud have already signed-on to the program and, in some cases, have already begun to provide the service. Customers who leverage Hadoop in the cloud will be able to take advantage of the Cloud’s flexibility and accessibility and, at the same time, be in a position the data processing and analytic power of the Apache Hadoop platform.

Cloudera: Hybrid Apache Hadoop Solutions To Come

In the near futurel Coudera expects to provide support for customer deployments in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and private cloud deployments through OpenStack and VMware. Companies who require a hybrid model will be able to leverage the Cloudera stack.

Cloudera, Partners Deliver a Data-Driven Advantage 

Through its on-premise, cloud and hybrid offerings, which are made possible in conjunction with its diverse partner ecosystem, Cloudera’s customers are now in position to leverage data from wherever it lives, whenever they need to, at lightning speed.

Think This is Big News? Wait Until Tomorrow

And remember, Cloudera has even bigger news to announce. We’ve had a peek and know that you’ll want to read all about it.

Image by C. Clark [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons