Room with Clouds

Someone joked at Strata and Hadoop World earlier this year that Cloudera was ahead of its time when it chose its name. “You should have called it On-premise era,” said the would-be comedian, referring to the fact that Cloudera and most other enterprise-grade Hadoop distros live in the data center.

That joke becomes a little less funny today when Cloudera announces that its Enterprise Data Platform is now certified and available for deployment on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Leveraging Data

“We’re bringing our full-fledged Data Hub, with its integrated architecture, to the Amazon Cloud,” said Tim Stevens, vice president of corporate and business development at Cloudera. He added that Amazon and Cloudera have been collaborating for many months on product enhancements to make it easier and more efficient and to run Enterprise-grade Hadoop in production on the Cloud.

For Cloudera/AWS customers, this will bring faster deployment, increased scalability, and lower barrier-to-entry, enabling enterprises of any size to instantly begin leveraging their data for valuable business intelligence.

And when it comes to scalable data management, as data stores continue to grow, instead of waiting days, weeks or even months before new nodes can be added to a cluster, this can now be done in short order. According to Cloudera, enterprises that move their data management platforms to the cloud will be able to offset or avoid the need to make costly annual investments in their on-premises data infrastructure to support new enterprise data growth, applications and workloads.

Learning Opportunities

But the benefits don’t end there. Many enterprises lack not only the infrastructure, but also the skilled manpower to manage and leverage persistent, ever-growing, big data stores. Both Cloudera and Amazon are known for their world class training and/or support in these areas which should provide comfort to the many CIOs who know they need to “do Big Data” but are afraid to start.

Powerful Partnership

Finally, it should be noted that the Cloudera/AWS collaboration isn’t the first of its kind from a generic perspective. Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Intel, and the like, all have partnerships/collaborations with a number of Cloud providers; in fact, Hortonworks and Microsoft have been working together to provide HDP on Azure for quite some time.

What’s notable here is that two well-established, trusted market leaders have come together to offer Big Data and Hadoop services on the Cloud; they are both saying “we’re ready, bring it on” at the same time, which is a testament to the fact (and I say this somewhat in jest) that we’ve officially entered the “cloud era.”

Title image by wavebreakmedia (Shutterstock).