Colligo Unveils Email, Document Management for SharePoint On-Premise, Online #spc11
Back to Anaheim and Colligo, with the announcement that Colligo has released an eight-product integrated suite of email and document management applications that covers just about every enterprise SharePoint need conceivable across PCs, tablets, laptops and smartphones, on-premise and in the cloud.

With SharePoint adoption -- and we already know from the State of the ECM industry report earlier in the year that most enterprises are going this way -- ease of deployment is one of the big factors.

The report identified a number of issues around SharePoint user adoption that this suite aims to resolve. Those issues include:

  • Access: Easy access to SharePoint from whereever the user is working
  • Hybrid computing: Many enterprises have adopted a mix of on-premise and cloud computing approaches, and managing the two can be difficult
  • Email management: Email is a growing proportion of the content that needs to be managed, and it can be difficult for end users to file, tag and search for email in SharePoint out-of-the-box

And this is where the upgraded Colligo for SharePoint suite comes in. The suite can be deployed and managed for both on-premise and cloud-based SharePoint installations, which, of course, also means a tie-up with Office 365.

Of course, this is not Colligo’s first trip down this road, but at Anaheim it has introduced three products into the SharePoint management suite that should make things a easier for companies trying to manage this.

The new products extend the functionality of the existing Colligo Contributor suite, which supports both on-premise SharePoint (2003/07/10) and Microsoft Office 365, and which enables users to file email messages to SharePoint on any mobile device connected to Exchange as well as offering extensive online and offline functionality.

Colligo Email Manager

Manages email messages in SharePoint 2010 as well as Office 365, enabling users to file, tag, find, view and share email in SharePoint from an Outlook interface. It has enterprise-grade scalability and federated search enabling organizations to:

  • Manage email and documents in SharePoint
  • Increase the quantity of content captured and tagged in SharePoint
  • Reduce risk, and improve compliance and records retention
  • Reduce uncontrolled content in personal archives and PSTs

Colligo Administrator

This is for enterprises that need centralized deployment and administration as well as management of SharePoint content on personal devices and acts as an optional administration suite for Colligo’s desktop and mobile products.

Colligo Briefcase

An iPad application, Briefcase makes it easier to store, sync, find, view and share files and document in SharePoint. The files are synchronized with iPad, offering the user access even when offline. It works with Administrator.

Colligo Email Manager 5.0 and Colligo Administrator 1.0 are available now. Colligo Briefcase is currently in beta, with commercial release in November. A free edition of Colligo Briefcase for personal use will also be available from the Apple App Store.