Today, Couchbase has released the Couchbase Server 2.0, an updated version of its NoSQL database product, designed to improve server functionality and database capabilities.

Couchbase, a NoSQL database company, was launched almost two years ago when Membase and Couchone decided to come together to improve the NoSQL database platform. While Couchbase has other products -- such as Unstructured Query Language (UnQL) -- the Couchbase server is its flagship product. It provides data management support service for a variety of companies who create web and mobile applications, including AOL,, Zynga and LinkedIn.

The Problem with Data Management 

There are a variety of other NoSQL-based products in the industry -- such as MongoDB -- but Couchbase CEO, Bob Weiderhold said the system needed to be improved.

Since the development environment of a pure key-value database is by its nature very limited, developers of pure key-value databases have focused their resources on easy scalability, high performance and reliability at scale” he said in a blog post introducing the new product. “On the other hand, developers of document databases have generally focused their resources on building a rich developer environment with oodles of features but are often criticized for poor scalability, performance, and reliability at scale.”

The Couchbase 2.0 Solution

With this new release, Couchbase has made sure that its clients don't have to choose between pure key value database and an API model. 

We’ve worked hard to make sure this release provides the same easy scalability, consistently high performance and reliability at scale for which Couchbase has become well known, while also providing the indexing and querying capabilities that developers love about a document database,” said Wiederhold.

In addition to a new document database, Couchbase 2.0 has a variety of new and updated features. They include:

  • A flexible data model: This model is based on the JSON design. It aims to improve the time it takes to develop an application, as it removes the creation and management of schemas in the design process.
  • Distributed indexing and querying: Users will be able to store queried data, such as content oriented web applications and metadata within the Couchbase platform.
  • Incremental map: With this map, users can track how well a product is doing and customer interaction with real-time analytics. For example, gaming companies can monitor leader boards in their games.
  • Cross data center replication (XDCR): Depending on the size of a company, it could have offices and employees all over the world. The Cross data center replication feature not only makes copies of the database, but also provides users with information that is relevant to their location.
  • Operational enhancements: With this update Couchbase aims to enhance functionality of its server with updates to its online data and index compaction services.

There are two versions of Couchbase 2.0 -- both of which are available as a free download. The Enterprise edition is “recommended for product development and production,” while the Community edition is a “courtesy build for enthusiasts.”