Dell has announced it is buying Quest Software, a diverse IT infrastructure company, for US$ 2.4 billion.

Dell obviously sees the importance of solidifying its IT software position given how fast this sector is changing. On the other hand, the move raises questions about how committed Dell is to its hardware division, a segment it is strongly associated with in the technology industry.

Computer Giant Serious About IT

As the consumer tech sector continues to point the way forward in the high technology industry, Dell has once again branched out into the enterprise. Specifically, the Quest buy has huge implications for Dell's SecureWorks and SonicWall systems. Additionally, Quest's expertise in performance monitoring (Foglight) is one of the pieces Dell feels is a good fit for its customers.

Foglight is a database manager with apps for .NET, Oracle, Java and SQL Server systems.

Clearly, Dell’s distribution, reach and brand are well recognized in the industry. Combine that with Quest’s software expertise and award-winning systems management products and you have a very powerful combination for our customers and partners,” Vinny Smith, chairman and chief executive officer of Quest Software

One piece of this acquisition puzzle CMSWire readers will likely be interested in is Quest's Windows Server management tools for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Office 365 and IBM Lotus Notes.

Learning Opportunities

Dell Now a Major Enterprise Player

Already one of the largest computer companies in the world, Dell now has a much larger enterprise footprint. Besides integrating Quest's diverse store of IT systems, Dell is adding 1,500 new software sales reps and 1,300 new developers. Dell is committed to making several new acquisitions every year, but this new store of developers will ensure the company can keep building in-house solutions while it searches for its next target. 

Furthermore, because Quest is already doing business with 87 percent of Fortune 500 companies, Dell now has access to all of those customers. Of course, many of those customers may already be doing business with Dell, so now they'll have an even deeper relationship with the company.