In January, Deb Miller wrote that “Business agility is all about being prepared for and able to quickly adapt to change." Perhaps Eccentex was listening. Today the dynamic case management solution provider announced that it had raised US$ 7.5 Million in Series A funding that will be used for expanding its PaaS cloud computing solutions.

PaaS in the Present

Eccentex’s DCM, as you may recall, had dedicated itself to the cloud for some time now, helping knowledge workers become more effective and productive by advancing the user experience, offering user-friendly interfaces and employing process analytics. Striving to be a knowledge management solution, focusing on its platform as a service (PaaS) offering AppBase, which helps automates any type of process, is a smart move.

PaaS in the Future

Recently, Gartner said that PaaS is “on the cusp of several years of strategic growth” that will lead to innovation breakthroughs. If this is true and its “evolution will affect the future of all users and vendors in enterprise software markets” then VTB Capital may have been making a very strategic investment.

Already, AppBase is helping organizations in banking, insurance, healthcare, and government to deploy solutions faster, while reducing costs, and improving critical customer service outcomes. The new funding will serve to reinforce these capabilities, while capitalizing on the forecasted growth of the PaaS market