The Age of Aquarius has dawned on the World of Big Data, at least if you’re in EMC Greenplum’s orbit, that is. 

The big data division of storage vendor EMC today announced that Greenplum Chorus, its platform for the widespread development of social-enabled, purpose-built Big Data applications and solutions is now Open Source (OpenChorus). It has also joined forces with Kaggle to help alleviate the shortage of data scientists. And it has partnered with social data provider Gnip, interactive data visualization products company Tableau and predictive analytics provider Alpine Data Labs, among others, to ease the use of these tools in conjunction with Chorus.

Data Science Teams Get Social

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Greenplum Chorus, in its simplest form, it’s like Facebook for data scientists. The platform brings Social and Big Data together by offering the ability for Data Science teams (data analysts, data scientists, IT staff, DBAs, executives and other stakeholders) to connect, collaborate and share information and insights on Big Data projects. Its analytic and productivity features provide the facilities for the search, exploration, visualization and import of data from anywhere in the organization. And its self-service, agile, analytic infrastructure facilitates the ability for users to create workspaces on the fly with self-service provisioning that allows them to instantly start discovering and sharing insights.

EMC Open Sources Greenplum Chorus

EMC’s release of the Greenplum Chorus source code under an Apache open source license through the OpenChorus Project makes these features and functionalities available to everyone whether they are an EMC Greenplum customer, or not. This is a bit of a leap for EMC whose products have been proprietary until recently.

“For Greenplum Chorus, it’s the only way to go,” says Michael Maxey, the company’s Senior Director, Corporate Development and Strategy. “It’s the way the community likes to work,” he explains. And it’s not just that. EMC is also eager to speed innovation and adoption of collaborative data science practices because it makes business sense too. Both companies and vendors will win as greater business insights and economic value are derived from Big Data.

Bid the Data Scientist Shortage Adieu?

Stories of the data scientist shortage are now legendary and the feeling is that the big data field can’t grow quickly unless companies are able to render useful, actionable insights from their big data projects. Data scientists are key to making that happen. In order to help that come about sooner rather than later, EMC Greenplum Chorus has built a partnership with predictive modeling competition platform Kaggle which has over 55,000 data scientist users. (Check out this interview with Kaggle CEO Anthony Goldbloom)

The idea behind the partnership is this: Greenplum Chorus, the collaboration platform for data scientists, is a place where companies in need of data scientist talent can come to get help on their Big Data projects on an “on demand” basis. Likewise, Kaggle’s data scientist community is invited to come to Chorus to list their profiles, and to announce their availability for project work. And, perhaps most significantly, data scientist consultants can share data and collaborate with their client counterparts safely and securely using the Chorus platform. The end result? Increased productivity, decreased administrative burdens on IT infrastructures, and better visibility and faster access to data through a single tool.

Everyone wins.

Everything Within Easy Reach

EMC Greenplum has also partnered with complementary technology vendors such as: Actuate, Tableau and Advizor Solutions for data visualization; Pervasive for embedded database software; Alpine Data Labs for predictive analytics; Gnip for social data, and several others.

Final Thoughts

This may very well be the dawning of a new day in the Age of Big Data. It will begin with downloads of Chorus, with finding and visualizing your data, resourcing your project, analyzing and modeling, sharing insights and collaboration, and contributing back to the community.