For all the hype around Big Data, the numbers of organizations outside of the Internet and Advertising industries who leverage it to the hilt are still fairly few.

Deloitte says that although 90 percent of Fortune 500 firms will have some sort of Big Data initiative underway by year’s end, most of them will only be pilot projects.

“There will probably be fewer than 50 full-scale big data projects (10 petabytes and above) worldwide,” according to a report on the company’s site.

The Data is There, Where are the Insights?

Though this isn’t the kind of information that wins headlines, it doesn’t come as a surprise to Steven Hillion. Hiliion is the Vice President of Product at Alpine Data Labs, the leader in cross-functional predictive analytics for Big Data.

He says that CEOs are eager to have their organizations analyze and make Big Data driven predictions right now, but that they don’t yet have the resources (technology, talent, skill sets) in place to accomplish that.

Hillion adds that the much heralded early adopters in the predictive analytics/Big Data space are more the exception than the rule. After all, very few companies can point to successes like Target (which was able to predict that one of its shoppers (a high schooler) was pregnant before her parents even knew) and Linkedin (which has a pretty good track record in identifying “People you might know”).

Though there petabytes upon petabytes of data available, Big Data driven insights are still relatively few. Actionable, Big Data driven insights are even fewer.

“Most people are still struggling, (to handle mass quantities of data, to work with advanced analytics and to illustrate compelling results) -- they need help,” says Hillion.

Big Data Predictive Analytics in a Box

Alpine Data Labs has partnered with EMC Greenplum to provide that help. They’ve teamed up to offer cross-functional predictive analytics for Big Data “in a box.”

What’s in the box? Alpine Data Labs’ product suite: Alpine Miner and Alpine Illuminator, fully integrated with EMC Greenplum’s Massively Parallel Processing Database offering, EMC Greenplum Chorus, EMC Greenplum HD (Enterprise Ready Apache Hadoop), and the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA). The combined offering is the first in-database solution for Big Data Analytics; it promises to ease deployment and accelerate time to value while enabling organizations to uncover deep insights in their Big Data.

Up until now, many organizations attempting Big Data project spent months (or longer) before their data scientists and analysts could even begin delivering insights.

“Putting all of this together on your own isn’t easy,” says Hillion. Add to that that there are the struggles with Hadoop and the slow rate of processing when data has to be brought to an application. This “boxed” solution brings the application/analytics to the data versus the other way around, which allows for less data movement and less infrastructure which saves time and money.

Not only that, but having forward-looking insight into your company, industry and /or the world sooner rather than later is a huge competitive advantage.