EMC Syncplicity Redefines Work for the MobileFirst Era

If there’s anything EMC Syncplicity General Manager Jeetu Patel is more passionate about than security and functionality of his company’s Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution, it’s Syncplicity’s app.

“Have you seen it?” he asked the last time his team unveiled one.

He was as enthusiastic as a dad whose kid had just hit his first home run.

And though Patel’s passion goes a long way, it’s the app itself that’s the real story. You don’t wish that you were using a hip, consumer solution when you work with it. Instead you wish that the app you use to share photos, files, and messages with your friends and family was more like Syncplicity. And that’s exactly what Patel wants.

Everything at Your Fingertips

EMC Syncplicity sets consumer app experiences as benchmarks to beat rather than to meet.

After all, in a world of consumerized IT, employees choose the solutions they like vs. those that they’re told to use. And when there are 100’s of options just a few mouse clicks away, you have to have something awesome to offer if you’re the provider.

And so it goes to follow that EMC Syncplicity unveiled a new iPhone app today that’s by all accounts pretty amazing. It’s been designed to work the way you work, so that everything you need is at your fingertips.

From a home screen that provides you with an inviting visual experience, displaying where you are and what time of day it is, the main menu is just one swipe away. Once you tap and hold a button, you’ll be amazed to find 3-D menu panels; swipe left and you’ll have easy access to things like Sharepoint. Swipe right and you’ll have access to analytics. And when you want to access folders it’s easy to look as deep as you want, even through folders within folders. And there’s no need to worry about how to find your way back because the scrolling’s done on a Z- Axis.


And it’s not just that, but if you remember who gave you a file, but not what it’s called, you can tap on their name or picture to discover what they’ve shared with you.

But Syncplicity is a lot more than a file sharing solution that belongs in a fight to the bottom in the file storage wars. Though I haven’t heard them call it a productivity app, that’s at least one of its functions.

It features new calendaring capabilities that connect invites to meeting notices. It gives you the ability to annotate and edit Microsoft Office documents and PDFs without needing an Office license or any third party applications. And multi-location copying makes it easy for users to quickly copy-over multiple files to one location.

Syncplicity will also tell you who has and hasn’t opened information you’ve shared with them so you can send them a reminder to nag them (just kidding, sort of). It leverages machine learning to suggest whom you might want to share content with and so on.

Delivering on Huge Aspirations

Patel made a pretty bold statement in launching Syncplicity’s new iPhone app:

With this launch, we are changing the face of enterprise mobile software. Enterprise software has rarely seen this type of user experience where content is specifically optimized for the business user. It enables easier access, viewing and sharing while overcoming common device constraints associated with working on a mobile device. In short, no longer will a small screen, confusing navigation tools and complex chains of activity hinder the ability to get work done.”

Changing the Way Work Gets Done

We hear many stories about a mobile-first, cloud-first world, yet Enterprise software and services providers are just beginning to figure out what that means. EMC Syncplicity already has.

You see, there’s a difference between being able to get your work done on a mobile device and being delighted and just as productive while you’re doing it. This app turns that corner and makes it around the bend, smoothly.