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  • Jeetu Patel

    If You Thought Box Was Hot Before ...

    Jeetu Patel might not be the easiest guy to recruit. But the former general manager of EMC Syncplicity joined one-time rival Box earlier this month as its Chief Strategy Officer. "Aaron and I were fierce, but gracious competitors,” said Patel, speaking of his new boss, Box CEO Aaron Levie.

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  • Syncplicity's Post EMC Ambitions

    By now, anyone who cares knows that EMC sold Syncplicity to Skyview Capital. But there's much that hasn't been said. First off, it’s a bit of a farce to suggest that Syncplicity failed to thrive as an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) provider — it was the leader among Leaders in Gartner’s most recent

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  • EMC Syncplicity Flexes Brains Brawn and Enterprise Freemium

    EMC Syncplicity Flexes Brains, Brawn and Enterprise Freemium

    But an immersive UI, an app that caters to the modern worker, and an iron-clad back end aren’t enough to win the overcrowded (100 plus vendors according to Gartner) EFSS marketplace. Not only are there mega-vendors like Microsoft and Google to contend with, but also smart well-funded start-ups like Dropbox (for Business) and

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  • A Graceful Exit for Box?

    Just a little more than two weeks from today, on Sept. 2, Box CEO Aaron Levie will host BoxWorks, the company’s biggest pep rally of the year.

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  • EMC Syncplicity Cuts Prices and Raises Storage Caps

    EMC Syncplicity wants to own the Enterprise Sync and Share market and they don’t want price or storage limits to be barriers to adoption. “This is a mass market with hundreds of millions of users to whom our service is applicable” said Jeetu Patel, the company’s general manager.

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  • EMC Syncplicity Redefines Work for the MobileFirst Era

    EMC Syncplicity Redefines Work for the Mobile-First Era

    If there’s anything EMC Syncplicity General Manager Jeetu Patel is more passionate about than security and functionality of his company’s Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution, it’s Syncplicity’s app. “Have you seen it?” he asked the last time his team unveiled one.

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  • Microsoft Moves to Win Cloud, EFSS and Other Markets

    Storing, synching, editing and/or sharing files in the cloud has suddenly become big business. Startups like Box, Dropbox, and Syncplicity (now owned by EMC) sensed this long ago because their founders rightly predicted that the knowledge workers of the future wouldn’t want to be emailing files to themselves

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  • Gartner Rates Enterprise File Sync and Share Vendors

    As anyone who reads CMSWire regularly already knows, the Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) market is hotter than hot. The 100+ players within it introduce new features and new releases almost as often as soccer's Tim Howard saves goals.

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  • Box Watch No 2 100M More Please

    Box Watch No. 2: $100M More, Please

    Maybe Re/code has a bug  (of the non-insect variety) planted in Aaron Levie’s hair or an electronic tracking device imbedded in his shoes. But somehow the site has learned — and is now reporting —that Box is considering taking on $100 million from investors.

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  • Box Watch Were Talking About the IPO Again

    Box Watch: We're Talking About the IPO Again

    You know Box boss Aaron Levie can’t be sleeping too well — every time the guy blinks (or doesn’t) there’s news about his company’s impending IPO. And as much as Levie would probably like to comment every now and then, he’s got to keep his lips zipped.

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  • On the Eve of Box's IPO, Dropbox Raises Its Enterprise Play

    While the battle between BYOD and company issued mobile devices is pretty much over (BYOD takes it all), the competition between Enterprise File Sync & Share providers seems to be getting more and more intense. It’s a bit unfortunate for Aaron Levie’s once red hot Box  which is trying to

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  • Sync This, Share That: What's Up in EFSS

    We know that we don’t have to tell you that the day when every worker at your company stores his content in the cloud isn’t too far away. In fact, at some enterprises, it’s already here.

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  • Syncplicity Challenge Give Up Your PC and Mac for 30 Days

    Syncplicity Challenge: Give Up Your PC and Mac for 30 Days

    Everyone’s talking about the Mobile First, Cloud First world. In fact, shortly after being named CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella announced that from here on out Microsoft would become a Mobile First, Cloud First company. Want to bet how many people at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash.

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  • EMC Syncplicitys RX for Enterprise File Sync and Share MMTM14

    EMC Syncplicity's RX for Enterprise File Sync and Share #MMTM14

    Business users believe that the EFSS solution was designed with them in mind because it’s so aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. IT managers and CIOs think Syncplicity was developed around their requirements, facilitating secure, enterprise-grade, mobile, cloud and on-premises sharing.

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