EMC's Syncplicity File Sync and Share Is Built for the Enterprise

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Up until now, most enterprise File Sync and Share vendors have provided a service that looks -- and works -- much like Dropbox for Companies. Sure, the players in the space have added all sorts of security, controls, mobile capabilities, corporate branding, as well as integration with other enterprise applications to their offerings, but they’ve missed two important marks -- they weren’t built from the ground up for the way work gets done or with the deep, difficult to penetrate protections that companies need.

Syncplicity, with its latest release, becomes the exception.

Syncplicity Protects the Enterprise by Enabling the User

People like to work with technologies they are familiar with, but they’ll switch to something else if it offers a better experience and the functionality needed for the task at hand. In an era when users call the shots, IT be damned, a CIO’s best strategy is to provide users with truly compelling solutions that protect the Enterprise at the same time. If they fail to do this, users go rogue, regardless of corporate mandates.

Syncplicity‘snewest release is every CIO’s dream because users will want to use it. Not only is its user interface so cool that a teenager who sees it on a screen will want to check it out, but it uses behavioral data and analytics so well that it can often predict a user’s next step.

Here's an example: take a picture of a white board with your phone during a meeting and Syncplicity will ask you if you want to share it with other attendees. All you have to do is say "yes" to make that happen, there’s no need to manually enter names or go through your address book. How does Syncplicity know that you’re in a meeting and who you’re meeting with? Your Outlook calendar, which Syncplicity can read (with your permission) holds the details.

Syncplicity’s Client: Redesigned from the Ground Up

Road warriors typically travel with not only their smartphones and/or iPads, but with laptops as well, because, up until now, it’s been a burden to do things like work with multiple documents at the same time while using a mobile client. Ditto for editing Power Points. Syncplicity’s new release changes that. Its Excel, Office and Powerpoint applications are native to Syncplicity. Workers who tested the revamped app on their smartphones found they could leave their laptops at home.

Syncplicity is a whole new animal in the Sync and Share space, says Jeetu Patel, General Manager of EMC Syncplicty. “We didn’t just slap a document GUI onto a mobile device. We built a fully immersive social and mobile experience from the ground up.”

Syncplicity Was Built to Win IT Over

CIOs, compliance and security managers worry about protecting corporate content when it leaves the confines of the Enterprise because, quite frankly, anything can happen to it. As a result, they’ve typically tried to lock down content which angers users who need to get work done wherever and whenever.

Though most every file sync and share service that’s being marketed to enterprises promises impenetrable features, Patel says that Syncplicity goes the extra mile. “We have Enterprise DNA,” he says, referring to parent company EMC and inferring that they have a leg up on the competition when it comes to things like security and compliance; considering that RSA is a sister company, he may have a point.

Syncplicity was designed to keep both IT and users happy via three innovations:

IT managers are passionate about security; users are passionate about having access to their content. EMC Syncplicity is passionate about meeting both parties’ needs. As a result it's created new or extended current offerings.

Learning Opportunities

Patel and his team have created Syncplicity StorageVaults which offer IT departments more control and flexibility over where their data is stored using a policy-driven hybrid model. Content can be stored in a public cloud or a private cloud on-premises according to user, group, folder file or content type, providing customers “as much cloud as they need.”

It’s also worth noting that different corporate departments need different levels of security. A marketing department, for example, may not need much security on the files it shares within and outside of the enterprise. The legal department, on the other hand, may not want to permit more than a handful of employees to set eyes on their files. In a perfect world, these groups would have different rules for sharing versus a single corporate policy.

That’s exactly what Syncplicity now provides. It allows for the application ofdifferent “policy sets” for external sharing, system access, authentication, shared link security and any other policy at the group-level using a “rank order” approach to effectively manage users in multiple groups. This means IT can be as permissive or restrictive as required for every user.

In the past we’ve written about Syncplicity’s Secure Shared Documents; Syncplicity now offers Secure Shared Files. This new feature will enable users to include rights management controls when sending files via Syncplicity Secure Shared Links which enables maximum protection of shared content at the file level and protects against unauthorized access or display, so IT never loses control of the file.


Syncplicity Gets that Established Enterprises Will Embrace the Hybrid Model

Last week Gartner Analyst Merv Adriansaid that the future of the Enterprise will be hybrid, noting that while companies being built today may be “all in” on the Cloud, more establishedenterprises are not. In other words, they’re likely to follow EMC’s model of “as much cloud as you need.”

That’s exactly the course Syncplicity and its sister company Isilon aretaking with Isilon Mobile IQ Powered by Syncplicity. Isilon users will now be able to access their Isilon-based home directories and file shares from their Syncplicity mobile app, with or without an EMC Syncplicity account. The Mobile IQ feature offers direct mobile access to Isilon file shares, simple implementation, and flexible deployment options.Patel predicts that the same feature will soon be provided for Atmos.

Syncplicity Offers a File Sync and Share Solution Built to Make Information Workers More Productive

Sharing information in the workplace should be delightful andsimple versus the cumbersome task it is today. And IT departments should focus on enabling users rather that policing them. EMC Syncplicity provides a win for parties, their strategic partners and the enterprise itself.

If it’s true that enterprises that leverage information best will win the future, then EMC Syncplicity has a compelling proposition for customers. 

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