Syncplicity Two-Times the User + IT - Delighting Both at the Same Time

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Syncplicity Latest Releases
Before Syncplicity’s latest announcements, some back story ...

Business users beware, you have a job other than the one you've been hired for. In addition to the duties in your position description, you are responsible for procuring (and possibly paying for) the mobile device(s) (a.k.a. smartphones and tablets) you often use to get your job done.

And, whether you realize it or not, you also work for your company’s mobile device support team. After all, it’s you and the Apple Store or its Android counterpart that keeps your devices up-to-date and running -- whether those devices require upgrades, malfunction or break.

And, if you’re typical, you use business tools that your company hasn't provided or approved; you've probably downloaded them from the web, the app store or you utilize them on the cloud. They’re simpler and more convenient, you figure, sexier too; add to that they make you more productive. Your company should appreciate your efforts and thank you for your self-initiative, right?

Probably not so much.

While your employer probably has no issue (in fact many companies prefer it) with your selecting/buying/bringing /intermingling and maintaining the mobile device (BYOD) you use in your professional and personal life, using un-sanctioned cloud-based services and/or apps in which you exchange corporate assets (like documents) makes IT and the guys/gals who wear the suits crazy. So crazy, in fact, that a good number of Enterprises have blocked access to Dropbox, Google Docs and Box and have threatened to fire and/or even prosecute those who circumvent the rules.

Give me a break with your rules, you’re probably thinking. Stay out of my way, so I can do my job.

But some rules and policies, and their enforcement, are a must. Can you say Edward Snowden?

Enter Syncplicity - Friend to the End User, Friend to IT

Though I have no reason to believe that Snowden is using a cloud-based file sharing solution to store/distribute those sensitive, stolen and yet unreleased documents that the government can't find, I do mean to drive home a point. Enterprises and the Government really do need to know where their information is; and they need to be able to control it at all times, including being able to destroy it or rendering it inaccessible should the need arise.

Syncplicity can do that and provide a hassle-free, consumer-like user experience at the same time.

Friend to the User

And this is just one of the reasons why Syncplicity is such a beauty. As we’ve written before, Syncplicity offers users all of the functionality (and more) that much-loved Dropbox does, but it’s geared for work, is Enterprise-grade, is easier and more convenient to use (you don’t have to create a separate folder -- you can store “My documents" on the cloud the same way as you do on your computer).

Plus, it can “push” sync documents, so that you always have the current version available without your having to do a thing, and it looks pretty (the company is UX obsessed) whether you’re using it with your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android and Windows phones/devices and, of course, your laptop or desktop.

Friend to IT

Not only that, but Syncplicity gets control over all of the content that exists in unmanaged locations like email attachments, local desktop folders and consumer cloud services. But it doesn't stop there, IT also gets strong security, controls and storage flexibility to protect corporate files and adhere to corporate requirements.

And while we could keep talking about the many features that have been added to Syncplicity in the last year (Happy Anniversary IT+Syncplicity), Jeetu Patel, Syncplicity’s General Manager told us about three new ones that are available starting today.

Learning Opportunities

Syncplicity Announces Three New Features - Available Today

First on deck is Secure Send -- with it you can tell uploading attachments goodbye. How? Secure Send gives users the ability to send large files to internal and external recipients directly from their local machine with no extra steps. Simply right click on the file and Syncplicity will automatically generate a unique link with optional security features such as adding passwords, restricting access and tracking downloads to ensure sensitive material is viewed in a timely manner and remains protected.

Patel says that for IT, this means administrators have more visibility into sharing with enterprise-wide password policies and expiration periods, and audit reporting. It makes it easier than ever to control content that exists in unmanaged locations like email attachments, local desktop folders and consumer cloud services. Organizations can also choose between secure cloud storage or on premises, providing ultimate flexibility in meeting enterprise data security and compliance requirements.

Second, Syncplicity is offering enhanced security and flexible IT control across the enterprise and mobile devices via Good Apps. We've already established that enterprises need end-to-end protection of data that reside on mobile devices. Syncplicity for Good apps for iOS and Android extends Syncplicity mobile security capabilities, enabling users to take advantage of Good Dynamics’ enterprise-grade mobile device management (MDM) features.

Patel explains that this allows data to reside in a FIPS compliant container on the mobile device, and it enables IT to enforce policies such as applying application passcodes, device restrictions and file actions to an approved set of third party apps in the Good ecosystem.

Third, if MDM and auditing features aren't enough, Syncplicity now provides federated identity management through Active Directory integration with OneLogin and Ping Identity for single sign-on and automated user provisioning solutions.

IT Can Snooze, Syncplicity Does the Work

With these new Syncplicity features in hand, information is safe; IT bosses can stop wringing their wrists and go play ball, sail a boat, surf, or simply check out for a bit.

Wouldn’t You Rather Shop For Something Other Than a Job-Related App Or Service

With Syncplicity, business users won’t feel the need to go rogue. Their company actually provides a safe and sexy file sync-and-share solution that’s more useful for work than anything they can find in an app store or on the web.

Yes we know, it sounds too good to be true -- delighting both the user and IT at the same time. But Patel insists that Syncplicity is up to the challenge, check it out!

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