EMC Syncplicity wants to own the Enterprise Sync and Share market and they don’t want price or storage limits to be barriers to adoption.

“This is a mass market with hundreds of millions of users to whom our service is applicable” said Jeetu Patel, the company’s general manager.

And since both Forrester and Gartner rate Syncplicity as a best-in-class offering, the company doesn’t want other factors to keep companies from embracing all that it has to offer.

“Our singular goal is active user engagement and we don’t want storage limits to get in the way of that,” said Patel.

More for Less 

In that light, the company has bumped up storage limits for all of its offerings: Individuals with free personal accounts can now store up to 10 GB without incurring charges, subscribers to the business edition are allowed 300GB + 5GB/USER (with more available for a reasonable price), users of the departmental edition are allotted up to 1 TB without incurring extra charges, and storage on the Enterprise edition is unlimited, as it always has been.

When it comes to prices, EMC has lowered them as well. “We want to be competitive, we don’t want price to become a point of friction,” said Patel. And that’s a good idea because with Syncplicty’s UI’s and immersive apps, and Enterprise-grade security and compliance on the back-end, little (if anything) seems to be lacking.

Patel said that they’ve also now introduced a departmental edition to respond to customers who wanted a stellar enterprise-class sync and share solution at “an extremely economical price so they can get up running quickly.”

What to make of all this?

These are good days for companies who need EFSS solutions because the 100 some vendors in the market are competing to provide the best solutions at the best price.

The customer wins.