EntropySoft has taken a step further to easing the deployment of hybrid IT environments for enterprises. This time, it has announced that it has made its SharePoint connector and Exchange connector compatible with Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud suite.

Hybrid Environments

Speaking to CMSWire before the release, Nicolas Maquaire, CEO of EntropySoft, said that the releases were in response to company demands for environments that are not only cheaper, but also less complex for users.

In many of the surveys that we have seen over the past 12 months in relation to cloud adoption, one of the issues that constantly arises is security concerns around the cloud.

That is to say, many enterprises are still not entirely convinced that that keeping all their content in the cloud is a good idea. However, if half your information is in the cloud and half is on-premises, it can be awkward to move information in and out of either system according to need.

With EntropySoft Connectors, it becomes a lot easier, and while it has a lot of different connectors for a lot of different products and repositories, these ones are specifically for Exchange and SharePoint, two of the principal components in Office 365.

The result is an easy way to move content from hosted versions of these products to on-premises version of the products and vice versa.


With all the data, both structured and unstructured, that lands in Exchange, this connector will be a major bonus for companies struggling to manage content overload created by Exchange.

The EntropySoft Exchange Connector connects to mailboxes and public folders, has read/write capacity and supports all the item types exposed by Exchange web services including calendar, contacts, distribution lists, messages, posts and tasks.

It also comes with a “repository discovery” feature that enables dynamic mailbox discovery, providing one connector configuration for all mailboxes.


This connector supports all SharePoint lists including document libraries, calendar, tasks, issues, discussions boards and all SharePoint objects as well as a read/write feature. It also gives users access to all site collections in a farm, including subsite connection.

Both connectors are designed to be integrated into third-party applications and expose the same API as EntropySoft’s other connectors.

These connectors are only the latest in a long line of products, the most recent of which is the Zylab connector and the Content Hub upgrade to v5.2 in October which increased interoperability across the enterprise with Microsoft Office desktop integration and SharePoint portal web parts.

At the moment, EntropySoft provides connectors for over 40 content management systems as well as Twitter and other products. There will undoubtedly be more on this as the year progresses.