Four years after starting up, Evernote's business model has evolved and scaled-up along with the company itself, to offer larger groups of the workers the power to collaborate. Enter Evernote Business to cater for bigger customers. 

Always and Everywhere

Announced during Evernote’s Trunk Conference, taking place in San Francisco, Evernote Business is the result of requests from users, and the company's own needs as it scaled from 12 to 38 million cloud users in the last year.

Those requests have included improved data continuity, better group sharing and easier user on-boarding. From a new admin console to easier billing, from information sharing and intelligent data ownership, Evernote Business will add the features that growing companies need, or teams within enterprises who need their own space can take advantage of. 

The product is in testing now, with a beta sign up available and will launch in full during December, according to the company blog. You can hear about it from the company's CEO. 


Looking for Clarity

To be priced at $10 per user a month, Evernote Business will put the service more in competition with the likes of Microsoft's OneNote, collaboration services like Yammer and others. The enterprise focus might also help put on more IT radars, as the front page of the usual product can make it look more like a personal memory aid. 

Evernote also today updated its iOS app for the iPhone and iPad, adding multi-shot mode that lets you add multiple snapshots to a single note, a Page Camera that can take pictures of full page documents. It is also offering a new Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine that is designed to work with the app.