Well kids, another year is almost behind us. To celebrate, our gracious contributing experts have been focusing on the highlights of 2010, as well as what they predict awaits in 2011. Read on if you're feeling sentimental and/or ready to start preparing your business for the future.

  • Norman Marks: Reflections on GRC in 2010. This year has been one of both progress and frustration when it comes to GRC. While there is a lot to cheer about, and hope for 2011, irritants and obstacles continue.
  • SharePoint: An Intranet Manager Perspective. As 2010 comes to an end and I start looking at the intranet business in 2011 there is no doubt in my mind that the topic at the top of the list of a substantial number of intranet managers is what strategy they should adopt towards using SharePoint 2010 as an intranet platform.
  • 3 Things that Impacted Content Management in 2010 & 3 Predictions for 2011. As we approach the end of the year, all the news shows and media resources love to look back at the current year trends/themes. So, in keeping with media tradition, it is time to look back and think forward. Here are three things I that believe impacted content management in 2010 and three predictions for 2011.


  • Jed Cawthorne on the Ghosts of SharePoint: Past, Present and Future. Whether you love it, or loathe it, you simply can't escape the content management and collaboration behemoth that is Microsoft's SharePoint family. We know the MOSS 2007 incarnation was a huge success for Microsoft based on the massive number of licenses deployed.

    Whether you judge it a successful product from an enterprise or users perspective, or not, SharePoint is pretty much an industry unto itself. From local user groups, to international conferences, from books to blogs, not to mention the occasional presentation or article by people like me, SharePoint was every where in 2010. And it will continue to be in 2011.
  • Content Strategy: What Will Be Hot in 2011. Well, it's that fun time of year again, where crystal balls are dusted off, and gazing into the future is fun for all. Content Strategy came of infancy in the later parts of the last decade (eek — it is the 10's) and really rose to hot prominence this year. So, what's my take on what'll be hot topics for content strategists and their clients next year?
  • Scott Ryser's Enterprise 2.0 Crystal Ball: Six Unofficial Predictions for 2011. This year, there has been a lot of focus on Enterprise 2.0 and the vendors are literally coming out of the woodwork. Where will the market head next year? And what trends will we see? Here's my take.

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