Google is launching a Cloud Platform Partner Program. The technology giant has said the new Program is intended to provide partners with tools, training and resources.

There are two types of partners in the Partner Program announced on Google's enterprise blog. A Service Partner provides consulting and implementation services for various Cloud Platform products. For business apps, Google gave the example of a global systems integrator that created a new quotation app with the App Engine for its client, a Brazilian insurance provider.

Technology Partners

A smartphone app to register participants in a ski event was cited by Google as a mobile app example, and a crowd-sourced app, developed with the App Engine and Google Apps, was referenced as a social app.

The second type of partner is a Technology Partner, which provides tools for use with the Platform or uses a Google service as a key element in a product. Technology partners using the Google Compute Engine, for instance, can provide management services for configuring and managing Google Cloud Platform-based apps.

The Compute Engine was announced late last month at Google’s annual developers’ conference. It provides access to Linux Virtual Machines and the network backbone connections in Google’s Cloud, and the company said it is intended for projects that need at least 100 cores.

BigQuery, Cloud Storage

Those Technology Partners using Google’s SQL-based BigQuery database engine can provide products or services that import data from various sources, or they can use it to develop interactive dashboards. Some partners may use Google Cloud Storage, by itself or in conjunction with other Google services, to provide primary storage, archiving, or backup and recovery for their solutions.

Setting up formal partner relationships with its Platform customers will help Google as cloud platforms mature into new and continuing relationships with outside developers and services, and as customers for other big players in this field, such as Amazon Web Services (eg. Attunity Ltd. announced it had become an AWS partner, as it unveiled a new software-as-a-service platform for Big Data using AWS) and Microsoft’s Azure, increase their tie-ins with those platforms.