GRC Roll-up: E-Discovery Key in 2012, EntropySoft Releases ZyLab Connector

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It’s been a slow start to the year in GRC, but it looks like one where e-Discovery is going to play a major role, at least according to Nuix. Axceler and MetricStream have both entered partnerships with Jornata and Qualys, while EntropySoft has released a new connector with ZyLab for better e-Discovery.

E-Discovery in 2012

It’s not easy to work out yet what 2012 is going to bring in the GRC space, and even less clear whether companies are paying any attention to it. However, Nuix, a vendor of information management technology,  has published a list of things that it thinks will happen in the space over the coming months.

In this report, it focuses on e-Discovery -- not surprising, then, that it's called eDiscovery: Where are we going in 2012? -- and maps how organizations can begin to manage the staggering volumes of new information generated by global organizations each day.

The general conclusion is that the vast amounts of information around the web will reach a tipping point, forcing organizations to take a more proactive approach to data management, and those companies with advanced e-Discovery tools already in place are best positioned to do this.

Included in it are 6 Big Data trends that the company has identified:

  1. Enterprises will start to minimize information storage to cut back on the huge expense of actually keeping it.
  2. Information technologies will be used to identify and streamline redundant data that will then be deleted.
  3. Information management and e-Discovery will converge, enabling organization to categorize or search information more easily.
  4. There will be an increase in the demand for experts in building information governance and Big Data management strategies.
  5. Data management will be simplified so that risk managers will be able to identify risk factors and resolve issues around them before they happen.
  6. There will be a shift toward the simplification of data management and it will be expected that software should enable risk managers to be notified of and search for key risk incidents.

Basically, it implies a move away from the “keep everything” approach that has been a characteristic of information governance until now. 

ZyLab, EntropySoft Connectors for e-Discovery

It’s been a slow start to the GRC year, but there have been a couple of notable announcements. One of them is the new OEM agreement between EntropySoft and ZyLab.

With the growing costs of e-Discovery, and the increasingly punitive fines and legal consequences of failure to comply with requests, this OEM seems like one of the more logical ones in the information management industry.

Both companies have considerable reputations in their respective fields -- ZyLab as an enterprise e-Discovery application provider, EntropySoft as the connector king -- so by putting the two together, the possibilities for information recovery -- or discovery -- are increased considerably.

MetricStream, Qualys Partner for Security

Meanwhile, GRC vendor MetricStream and SaaS security vendor Qualys have announced the integration of MetricStream IT-GRC Solution with QualysGuard Vulnerability Management (VM).

The joint solution provides one framework to monitor and capture asset and network vulnerabilities, and route them through a process of investigation and remediation.

Learning Opportunities

This integration enables customers to identify and report on the vulnerabilities affecting business-critical assets, map security issues to business applications, and aggregate and rollup risk information across their enterprise for proactive mitigation.

QualysGuard VM locates and identifies network devices and applications, scans those devices and applications to detect vulnerabilities and provides detailed information on the nature of those vulnerabilities.

MetricStream IT-GRC solution imports this data in real time, and initiates remedial action by assigning investigative responsibilities to the appropriate personnel. Alerts ensure that action plans are carried out to closure, while advanced dashboards and reports provide in-depth visibility into the status of each case, enabling real-time tracking and trend analysis.

With the joint system, IT security managers will be able to accelerate the identification and remediation of network exposures and proactively eliminate vulnerabilities before they are abused.

Axceler’s SharePoint Governance Partnership

Finally,SharePoint governance vendor Axceler  has entered a partnership with Jornata, a business and technology services provider, to enable organizations to better manage their SharePoint environments, particularly those in the financial services, healthcare and life sciences/pharmaceutical industries.

Jornata's AutoPilot managed services offering helps determine a governance model, including policies and datafarm-wide application control, while Axceler's ControlPoint SharePoint governance and administration software provides the visibility and power to enforce those policies.

The combination of the two gives SharePoint administrators a governance solution for successful SharePoint deployments. There are a number of SharePoint governance tools on the market at the moment. If you want to find out more about this one, check out the webcast next week