There have been a number of announcements in the GRC space in recent weeks, including the acquisition of Digital Reef by TransPerfect. Varonis has also upgraded DatAdvantage, while Guidance has upgraded its e-Discovery product. There is also a new resource for e-Discovery documentation.

TransPerfect Buys Digital Reef

We’ve been talking about Digital Reef since it opened in 2006, particularly its e-Discovery software, which it has been delivering as an on-premises solution since the start, and as SaaS a bit later.

One of its really attractive components for enterprises in recent times has been its ability to process Big Data. In fact, that ability has been such a pull that TransPerfect Legal Solutions, a US-based legal services provider, has decided not just to invest in the Big Data capabilities, but to buy out Digital Reef completely.

For those who think this might be an extreme way of developing Big Data abilities, consider how quickly this IT area is developing and how much the demand for Big Data processing is going to grow in coming years -- especially around the compliance and regulatory space. 

Already, for legal service providers, it is almost mandatory to be able to provide this ability, and TransPerfect can now do it through the Digital Reef buy.

No details of the deal were released, but the idea appears to be to provide early case assessment and large-scale e-discovery to TransPerfect clients as soon as possible. It should also help TransPerfect with its marketing initiatives, as Digital Reef has been known for its ability to scale up or down easily, making it a runner for companies of all sizes.

Guidance Upgrades EnCase

Guidance Software has also been busy in recent days with the announcement that it has just upgraded EnCase e-Discovery to version 5. Guidance strengthened its position in Gartner’s MQ for e-Discovery this year, and it says that with this release its position should be strengthened even more.

EnCase v5 offers seamless integration with Guidance’s other product CaseCentral, the cloud-based e-discovery review and production application. The result is that EnCase now offers in-house counsel control and oversight of the entire e-discovery process -- from hold to collection to review and production.

Apart from the CaseCentral integration, there are a number of significant improvements with this version, Guidance says, particularly its parallel processing capabilities and enhanced search and indexing algorithms.

Overall, it provides integrated e-discovery as well as security and risk management to ensure enterprise compliance, regardless of the vertical.

It also comes with early and continuous case assessment, enabling legal teams to quickly obtain necessary facts at any time from pre- through post-collection phases.

Varonis Releases Varonis DatAdvantage v5.8

Meanwhile, Varonis has announced the release of Varonis DatAdvantage v5.8, which, it says, will make data governance not only more flexible and easier to manage, but also cheaper.

DatAdvantage manages both unstructured and semi-structured data while reducing network overheads. The latest enhancements offer better audit and data access control, as well as the ability to identify and classify data owners and oversee entitlement and authorization processes.

Varonis also says that this version has added some considerable improvements to the architecture, particularly the introduction of internally developed collectors that can operate in tandem or as an alternative to Varonis probes running Microsoft SQL. This enables data collectors -- a component used for metadata collection -- to compile the information with a SQL server. If you want to try it out, there is a 30-day free trial available.

eDJ e-Discovery Resources

Also in the e-discovery space, the eDJ Group has just launched the e-DiscoveryMatrix. The subscription research site is aimed at companies that are considering implementing an e-discovery solution, or those that have a solution, but are not sure they are getting everything they should out of it. 

eDJ, which is the company behind the e-DiscoveryJournal, says that the site will offer information governance professionals completely unbiased information about e-discovery best practices, trends and technologies along with research and information about more than 250 e-discovery applications, and 150 feature articles submitted by solution providers and e-discovery experts.

In addition to research reports and data analysis, the eDiscoveryMatrix offers a comprehensive analysis of the eDiscovery solutions marketplace.