Have It Your Way: Teradata Delivers Game-Changing Analytics in the Cloud (and Everywhere Else) #tdpug

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Data-driven businesses will win the future. But it’s not the data that will generate the wins; it’s the actionable insights that come from analytics.

Yet actionable insights may not be all that matters; speed is critical as well.

Companies who can intelligently move from data, to insight, to action faster than the competition will win the future.

“How do I get innovation to market faster than anyone else?” says Bob Fair, executive vice president of Teradata.That’s the million dollar question of this information age.

Teradata has been helping its customers answer it for more than thirty years.

What’s changed between Teradata’s nascent days and today? The amount of consumable data that’s being generated, the tools for capturing, storing, processingand analyzing that data, and the speed,price and location in which all of that can be done.

Teradata Unleashes the Power ofData in the Cloud

Later today, at its PARTNERS conference, Teradata will make major announcements around new innovations which will not only reinforce its position as a market leader, but also bring unprecedented wins to customers.

We've had a good look at how these innovations will deliver:

  • Choice -- On premises, appliance, Cloud or Hybrid without compromising siloed data and regardless of data type
  • Power -- via Teradata’s market leading Data Warehouse, Teradata’sappliance and Teradata’s Big Data offerings including SQL-GR, Teradata’s native graph-processing engine and its new SNAP Framework (see here for more detail.)
  • Economics and Location -- Customers pick the location in which the action takes place and cash flow model that works best for them
  • Marketing Applications -- Customers are empowered to know more and do more

Anyway You Want It: Introducing the Teradata Cloud

Gartner says that Teradata is the undisputed leader in Data Warehousing and Analytics, but up until today its capabilities were unavailable to companies with “cloud-only” mandates, to department managers encumbered by data center constraints and to data scientists who want to experiment with data without deploying capital expenditures to test out new theories.

That has now changed. Beginning today, customers can choose which data and which analytics they want to put in the cloud, whether hybrid or fully public, and can take advantage of Teradata’s database analytics horsepower, pay-as-you-go pricing and scalability.

This represents a big win to companies like Netflix, which has a cloud-only mandate. The company had long wanted to leverage Teradata’s massive parallel analytics and data warehousing capabilities but couldn’t because Teradata didn’t have cloud availability.

Learning Opportunities

Kurt Brown, Director of Data Platforms at Netflix, says that the company plans to use Teradata as its database for high concurrency and mixed workloads, which require sophisticated integration and processing at extremely high speeds.And considering that Netflix has more than 37 million members in 47 countries, this is, no doubt a big vote of confidence in Teradata Cloud.

Cloud as an Equalizer in a Big Data World

Setting up data warehousing, big data capabilities and performing sophisticated analytics is daunting for many companies. For them, the pressure is off when Teradata does the heavy lifting. Teradata Cloud represents a big win for the business as well because Teradata offers industry solutions so that business analysts can quickly focus on gaining insights from the data versus worrying about the technology.

Have It Your Way: Teradata Delivers Game-Changing Analytics in the Cloud (and Everywhere Else) #tdpug

The Teradata Cloud offers Data Warehouse as a Service, Discovery as a Service (via Teradata Aster’s MapReduce Database and Apache Hadoop) and Data Management as a Service (via Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) version of Hadoop). You can buy what, when and how much you want. It is available pay-as-you-go, or with one, two or three year commitments.

Are We Impressed?

Teradata is the undisputed leader in best-of-breed data and analytics offerings. The company’s newly introduced cloud capabilities, innovations in analytics via Teradata Aster’s Platformfor Big Data via SNAP andGraph Search, and partnerships with Hadoop leader Hortonworks and others present a compelling offering.

Its Aprimo applications which are/will be available on the cloud present compelling offerings as well.

More insight on these to come.

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