HP Adds Autonomy's IDOL to TRIM Records Management

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HP Adds Autonomy’s IDOL to TRIM Records Management
The announcement that HP was buying Autonomy earlier in the year caused a lot of consternation, not least because of the US$ 10. 2 billion price tag. No one was really sure where the money would be recouped. The release of TRIM 7.2 built with Autonomy’s IDOL gives some idea of where HP is going with all this.

Records Management in TRIM

For anyone who has used TRIM for records management, the cumbersome and often difficult search process can be frustrating, but with IDOL, Autonomy says this will all be ironed out and TRIM will get meaning-based search.

Combined, TRIM will be able to index relevant information and develop understanding of the content and topics contained in the system.

Among those capabilities is the auto-categorization of records, which applies appropriate policies to information in the system according to criteria set by the enterprise.

The result is that information can be managed where it is and saves users having to move information around before it can be used in different enterprise applications.

Oracle Inso filtering technology and Lucene keyword search functionality both get the boot in HP TRIM 7.2, with HP confident that IDOL will provide an acceptable substitute. After paying US$ 10 billion, you can see their point.

Learning Opportunities


The bottom line here is that IDOL is geared to deal with the growing amount of information that is being kept by enterprises both nationally and internationally and provides a way of tracking and associating content no matter where it is located.

Other enhancements include:

  • Apply TRIM standards to SharePoint in the cloud
  • Simplify the administration of TRIM and SharePoint with synchronized classification and term sets
  • Improve scalability
  • Manage business records in one place
  • Auto-categorize all information in an enterprise and apply appropriate policies
  • Control business records in-place

The upgrade, which is only a couple of points up from the existing system, is not an entirely new way of doing records management for TRIM, but it should make it easier and better.

It also points to the different ways HP and Autonomy might start working together to get all that shareholder money back.