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HP continues to expand the reach of its big data capabilities with the announcement that it has partnered with Logi Analtyics to provide enterprises with the possibility of performing analytics on a massive scale.

HP's Logi Partnership

The partnership should provide a product that is quite unique. Logi provides a technology for creating web-based data visualizations that can be embedded directly into business applications. This means that HP and Logi will provide businesses with the ability to visualize insights provided though the Vertica big data analytics platform directly from business applications.

The coming together of the two is not really a surprise. In a statement around the partnership, Logi Analytics CEO Brett Jackson said that the partnership aims to provide customers with the ability to put their data to commercial use -- to monetize it.

With this partnership, he said, the two companies are offering enterprises the ability to continuously load streams of information into applications and provide immediate access to data insights through visual displays.

HP’s Big Data Strategy and Vertica

However, from a wider perspective it is the HP element that is most interesting. Vertica is an acquisition HP made over two years ago in a move that was designed to make up lost ground to the likes of IBM and EMC in the big data race.

At the time, there was no mention of the price HP paid for Vertica, but then it didn’t really matter as it was clear at that stage if it didn’t do something it would probably be out of the big data game for good.

Vertica was a good buy at the time and, in retrospect, it was probably a visionary move. Without revisiting the whole Autonomy deal and the problem HP has had at a corporate level as a result of it, HP, under Meg Whitman, has had to re-define its technology and business goals to ensure HP's recovery.

Part of the newly defined strategy is to build on big data and Vertica has been at the heart of that. Since then, and even over the last year, it has been expanding the reach of Vertica across the enterprise, making it ever more accessible to users.

It also dovetailed with another of HP’s information management strategy, which is to provide a way for enterprises to monetize their information. At the end of last year it enabled this with the release of Vertica v6.1 that offered tighter and enhanced integration with Hadoop and simplified access to Amazon EC2 cloud.

The Logi partnership pushes Vertica even further. Logi was moved by Gartner into the Challengers Quadrant in the MQ for Business Intelligence on the basis of its “…value proposition of ease-of-use, rapid time to deployment, and embeddability.”

The partnership is a good one for both companies, but with Vertica at the heart of HP’s big data strategy, it is likely that we’ll be hearing more from it very soon.