IBM Releases Marketing Analytics Based on Coremetrics, Unica Acquisitions

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IBM Releases Marketing Analytics Based on Coremetrics, Unica Acquisitions
Big Blue (news, site) is back with its big bag of analytics tricks. Last month we saw the first major release stemming from the Netezza acquisition; this week we have a combined analytics package with elements from the Coremetrics and Unica acquisition.

There’s no prizes for guessing what this one is called, even if its name is buried so far in the press release we had to get a shovel to dig it out; and yes it’s called IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Optimization Suite.

Marketing Analytics

With it, IBM says, enterprises will be able to assess customer habits and reactions both online and offline and develop marketing campaigns around that.

For the amount of money that IBM paid for both companies, this is the least the new solution could do, which also forms part of the IBM Smarter Commerce initiative that promises users the ability to more effectively market, sell and secure greater company loyalty, at a time when everyone is going social media-mad.

In fact, what IBM aims to provide with this is a way for companies to capture some of the 64% of consumers who make their first purchase of a product because of a positive digital experience.

The suite, IBM says, will enable enterprises to determine the effectiveness of new products and services, create marketing campaigns that reflect this and develop personalized offers in real time and across all channels including mobile channels.

Analytics Functionality

The goal, Big Blue says,  is to “transform marketing from an uninvited intrusion to an intuitive client service,"  and if it can do that, then even on that level it gets my vote.

So what will this online, tailored experience consist of? It has a number of facets including:

  • Create automated marketing campaigns using information for all channel sources
  • Offer real-time product recommendations through all online channels including mobile and display ads
  • Offers testing capabilities to help search engine marketers compare pairs of search terms
  • Incorporate key performance industry-specific indicators
  • Deep analysis of how customers interact with a brand over time

We are defining a powerful, integrated, and data-driven approach to marketing, one that drives higher-margin sales while using analytics to place the customer’s needs squarely at the center of all campaigns and promotions,” said Yuchun Lee, vice president and GM of IBM Enterprise Marketing Management.

Coremetrics, Unica

Well, they would say that, but even in the middle of all the PR-speak is the kernel of what is really interesting about this product: Analytics, and more to the point, acquired analytics.

Learning Opportunities

IBM bought Coremetrics in June 2010 for an undisclosed sum. At the time of the buy it also produced research in the shape of its 2010 CEO Study that showed 88% of CEOs will focus on just this over the next five years, with a further 85% looking for more visibility into their business. It also estimates that 70% of customer’s interaction and reaction to services or products starts online.

It bought Unica in August 2010, again for an undisclosed sum. That buy was about predictive analytics for marketing campaigns.

Craig Hayman, general manager at IBM Industry Solutions, said at the time it aimed to offer enterprises the ability to transform core business processes in functions like marketing with intelligence and automation. With this deal, it also picked up another 1500 very attractive customers.

And now we have a combined release that looks like it could be a real gorilla in the marketing analytics space.

IBM has, over the past two years, also announced 2015 as a target date for acquisitions and the release of products related to those acquisitions. And sure enough, the products are starting to trickle out, with noteworthy offerings such as Cognos 10 and, more recently, its product based around Netezza.

There’s undoubtedly still more to come and more acquisitions on the cards as a result of its massive war chest. Let’s watch and wait.