IBM Targets CMOs with Cloud Suite Offerings, Adds Social Media Analytics
IBM is continuing its push into the cloud with the release of a social media analytics tool targeting CMOs.

IBM Social Media Analytics

Because IBM has long been an established player in the technology world, it’s information management tools are extremely embedded across a wide array of global businesses. The kind of deployments it has always been known for are not the kinds of systems that one might call nimble. Indeed, this is a problem not just for IBM, but for most legacy systems in use today. That is why IBM’s continured push into the cloud is so welcome, and also likely why it is doing so with a focus on marketing.

Digital marketing is a fast moving world, so shuffling IBMs marketing tools to the cloud is a smart move, and the IBM Social Media Analytics Saas is certainly part of that. It analyzes social media comments and displays the results in charts an dashboards as part of a monthly, Web based subscription service. Doesn’t sound like IBM, right? It sounds more like a startup (though perhaps one late to the social analytics game), and pricing is based on storage with no limit on the number of users.

Furthermore, it can search blog posts, forums and discussion groups, look for so called hot words that define affinity, and then use that data to inform ongoing campaigns. Business rules, filters and analytics can also be configured to measure and react to new events.

SoftLayer Buy Just the Beginning

We say IBM’s recent US$ 2 billion acquisition of SoftLayer is just the beginning of IBM’s cloud push even though it has been at it in earnest for at least two years. Even three years ago when it bought Cast Iron, IBM was shifting towards the cloud, but in 2013 the company has really started to move with a purpose.

IBM research from about a year ago painted a picture of businesses moving to the cloud for operational efficiency gains at first. Once companies get that out of the way, they move on to cloud based business initiatives, the research found, and that seems like where IBM is going this year.

In March, for example, the company committed to the OpenStack open cloud architecture for all its cloud services and cloud related software. April saw IBM acquire a company called UrbanCode for cloud based app development, a move that could help speed up the sometimes laborious nature of enterprise app deployment.

Now back to the SoftLayer buy that IBM had been rumored to be haggling over with rival EMC before winning the deal. As a leading cloud services provider, SoftLayer could indeed make IBM the cloud leader, but we won’t know that until it is fully integrated, an often lengthy process.

Image credit: Jaroslaw Jasinenczyk-Zbrozek / Shutterstock