EntropySoft has been pushing its Content Hub and Content Connector technology so much so that, at this point, it has most of the major content repositories covered. Today, though, it adds another one with a partnership with Integro that will see Integro selling both technologies as part of its Email Manager offering.

Email Management

Despite the efforts of most enterprises to organize their unruly emails, and email management providers to provide solutions to do this, keeping track of the information that is coming into an enterprise, and – even more important, keeping track of information leaving the company -- still remains a challenge.

There has been some discussion over the past months about how the rise of social networks and the possibilities of social collaboration would reduce the need for email. While there is little doubt that in the future, as these technologies catch on, there will be a reduction, for the moment there is ample evidence to suggest that email is still one of the most popular forms of external and even internal communications. As a result, the amount of information shooting around enterprise email systems continues to grow.

EntropySoft Connectors

But it is managing these kinds of problems that EntropySoft has made a name for itself. At the last count, it had over 40 connectors for major enterprise content management systems, although it is pumping them out at such a rate that we might have missed one or two along the way.

With this one, Integro will be able to offer its email management system with a product that will be able to connect the content of those email messages with the one or more enterprise CMSes  that any given company might be using.

The results, apart from better content organization, are also reduced costs around email management and less exposure to the risk that unmanaged email messages pose from a legal and compliance perspective.

For anyone who hasn’t come across these connectors before, they consist of standalone libraries that transform the native APIs of any content application into a normalized interface for proper interoperability.

They move content bidirectionally between content repositories and also offer users search capabilities that enable them to find content wherever it has been stored.

Integro, Email Management

For its part, Integro has been around for 16 years and has specialized in email management, developing systems that work with most of the major products of the major vendors including EMC, OpenText and SharePoint.

According to Scott Burt, president of Integro, its email management solution has become the solution of choice for IBM enterprise CMS customers for a number of years, which in turn has created a demand for its email manager solution with other enterprise CMS vendors.

So it’s really getting out there, and it’s not the first time that Integro has worked with EntropySoft, either. One project in particular springs to mind from April this year when it got together with TEAM and EntropySoft to build Email Manager for Oracle WebCentre. The new product is available today.