TEAM, Integro, EntropySoft Build Email Management for Oracle WebCenter
Here’s another announcement form Collaborate 2012 that, while not earth-shattering, is still interesting -- and useful. Oracle and TEAM, a systems integration vendor and specialist in Oracle WebCenter, have announced that it has released an email manager for Oracle. With it, Oracle users will be able to manage their email through Oracle’s WebCenter Content Records.

Email Mismanagement Costs

We don’t really have to reveal here just how difficult the problems of email management have become as the volume of it grows, but one of the additional effects of email mismanagement have been costly e-Discovery and legal suits over the mismanagement of information in mails.

Oracle and TEAM in this announcement estimate that the cost of one of these cases is in the region of US$ 3 million per case on average, but in reality this can get an awful lot higher. Of course these are only costs around e-Discovery; the costs around loss of reputation and competitive edge are incalculable when information goes walkies, or ends up in the wrong hands.

It is this that Email Manager for Oracle aims to deal with. It takes the management of email out of user’s hands and automates record retention, keeping only the most important information.
The idea is to dramatically cut the volume of data retained in email exchanges and only keep what has been designated important, and all this through WebCenter.

Oracle, TEAM, Integro, EntropySoft

Hang on, though. This is not just a TEAM project -- just had to make that quip! In fact, there are two other companies involved here that have made this possible: Integro and EntropySoft.

Scott Burt, CEO of Integro, explains his company’s involvement in the product. Integro, he says, has been producing email management systems for 16 years. In this project, it got together with TEAM, and, using its enterprise CMS expertise, developed – or helped develop this -- for Oracle customers globally.

Anyone who has ever needed a connector will know EntropySoft. EntropySoft is a content integration software company that connects applications to information. Its Connector and Content Hub technologies have been around for a while, and get around a growing number of enterprises.

How this all fits together and what role each of the different companies plays is not entirely clear from the announcement, but for end users it probably doesn’t matter.

All three companies have established considerable reputations in their respective specialty areas and if, combined, they can provide effective email management for Oracle, then that’s probably good enough for customers. More on this as it happens.