Interact Upgrades Intranet With Outlook Integration, Twitter, Collaborative Images

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Interact Upgrades Internet With Better Outlook Integration, Twitter, Collaborative Images
Sometimes in the rush to collaborate, or develop new collaboration tools, the humble intranet and its uses across the enterprise are forgotten. Not so in the case of UK-based Interact, which has released v4.9 of its Interact Intranet, its flagship intranet application that is far from humble.

Interact Intranet

While this is only a single point step from its v4.8, which was released earlier this year and introduced Interact Answers -- a crowdsourcing feature that drives productivity by allowing users to post questions on the intranet and receive accurate solutions.

The v4.9 release, however, focuses on social collaboration features and introduces a Twitter widget as well as improved Outlook integration, and collaborative image galleries.

According to Interact, which has developed solutions to enterprise communication problems since it was set up in 1996, this release wrestles with the problem of numerous organizational silos by offering a transparent view of all the contents of all silos.

In fact, not only does it offer views of the content, but it also works to all intents and purposes as a single-silo platform so any changes that occur in one part of the intranet are noted and communicated to everyone connected to the system.

Enterprise Collaboration

The value of this cannot be underestimated in a work environment where people are located all over the world, or even mobile workers, all of whom risk falling out of the knowledge loop by being removed from one or more of the information silos.

With Interact, this is less of a problem. Built on Interact Intranet’s intelligence store, it comes with features such as Recommend, which recommends document based on the content you are searching.

Interact Internet v4.9

Interact Intranet v4.9

It also records activity and changes to streams, including comments and document adds, as well as image placing and editing, and posts notes about the changes on the intranet so everyone knows what’s happening.

With Interact Teams, it is easy for companies to take critical knowledge out of individual team members’ emails and desktops and store it in a single location within a team area where it can be accessed and reviewed , thus promoting a high level of traceability and findability,” said Interact CEO and Founder, Nigel Danson.

Features now include:

  • Create open, private or hidden teams
  • Select from a range of features which can be turned on or off at any time including calendar, document areas, blogs and forums
  • Invite multiple co-workers to join teams
  • Find and join open and private teams via the search engine or team directory
  • Write team blogs that can be viewed by team members only or available for all Interact Intranet users to see

However there are three features that Interact is pushing:

Learning Opportunities

Outlook Integration

This was always present, but has been upgraded and improved in this version. Now, users can stream Outlook content onto the intranet so users can view recurring meetings, create new tasks and edit existing tasks and make live changes from the homepage widget within Interact Intranet.

Collaborative gallery

This enables users to share content on their intranet through images, with each image coming with its own comment stream to improve workforce collaboration using the tagging features.

Images uploaded into the gallery are pushed onto the intranet’s home page, engaging users and boosting collaboration. Galleries are also discoverable through Interact Intranet’s intelligent search feature.


The Twitter widget can pull tweets into the intranet homepage and can be configured todisplay tweets from particular accounts, keeping workers up-to-date on latest info in their industry.

This is all built on top of a substantial intranet application that has been around for quite some time. There’s too much on it to go into here, but if you want to know more, check out this video.