Swiss-based Jahia said the company will sponsor free content migration -- to anyone signing up for the $5,000 Certified Migration program to its latest version 6.5 of namesake Jahia, Java-based open source CMS solution.  

The certified migration program is open to all organizations “…whether they are running a former version of Jahia or any other solution on the market; this program is designed to aid in the secure migration to Jahia 6.5."

Led by Certified Partners

The company said the certified migration program will be led by Jahia Certified Partners, “…providing organizations with the best approach possible for safely migrating to Jahia 6.5.”  It also reported that for clients running former versions of Jahia, the migration has no impact on the cost of their subscription, and as part of this program, content will be migrated for free by the Jahia team.

Jahia said its certified migration program assures a safe transfer of content and critical settings, including:

  • Metadata Models (permissions, users, etc.)
  • Content definitions Transfer
  • Security & Authentication Models

The company also prepared a 45-minute webinar that ran yesterday at 5pm Central time.  We asked Anna de Forsan of Jahia corporate in Switzerland about availability of that webinar to review. She told CMSWire the live webinar recording didn’t work, so the company is preparing an in-house version that will be available online as early as next week. 

Page Design Without Programming

Launched last June, Jahia 6.5 unifies the web, social, portal and content management features within one composite platform that allows for page design without programming.

Key features of the technology include:

  • Jahia Composite Content Platform combining the robustness of Java with a PHP-like modularity
  • Jahia eXtended Content Management, a UI and information management toolset that combines web, document search, social and portal features 
  • Jahia Studio offers template-based customization, plus drag-and-drop website assembly using pre-made components
  • JahiaApps Forge is a community-based marketplace of ready-made templates and application modules
  • Cloud-ready Jahia hosted cloud services that supports Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) platform
  • Sustainable open-source business model with no license cost
  • Software for both the enterprise and the community, with targeted licenses and services for paying customers

Back in May, we reported that Jahia added a social and collaboration component (Social Mashups) or what it calls “smart content” to its Java-based content management platform.  Smart Content is traditional content with multimedia and social tools added. 

Then in June 2011, Jahia announced its newest version v.6.5, a “No-code” user interface, that integrated the management of user experience, content and information into one platform.