Jaspersoft BI
Jaspersoft (news, site), creators of commercial open-source business intelligence software, has made it easier for users to store, analyze and use data, with today's release of the Jaspersoft 4.1 BI Suite. Users will no longer need to juggle multiple data reporting and anaylsis products. The latest release provides access to relational, OLAP, big data and multi-dimensional data sources from one web-based user interface.

Tame Your Wild Data In a Single Tool

Jaspersoft's 4.1 BI Suite improves user self-service by including support for ad hoc data analysis across multiple sources in one platform. Today's release also incorporates native 64-bit support, which allows the tool to work on higher performance and scalable machines.

Jaspersoft 4.1 is starting on a path that allows the company to deliver a data and analytics tool that will allow users to support existing and emerging data environments. This latest update from Jaspersoft will give IT professionals, web developers and consultants the tools to extend, customize or embed the software's BI capabilities, for specialized, web-based data reports and analysis.

According to Karl Van den Bergh, vice president of product strategy:

Jaspersoft is leveraging its strength in reporting and dashboarding to simply introduce more analytic capability against any data source that can be easily developed by BI Builders and consumed by business users. We're uniquely suited to delivering this functionality thanks to our web standards-based architecture, our data-agnostic connectivity, and our modern user interface.”

With Jaspersoft's 4.1 BI Suite, users can find, sort and interact with their data on a more integrated level. Filters control data returns from multiple sources. Easy-to-use charts make the meanings behind the numbers clear. Large data grids become more manageable, with detailed data hidden in collapsible rows and columns.


Jaspersoft data grids

Jaspersoft 4.1 demonstrates that the company has started to evolve beyond just a  reporting and dashboard provider to become a holistic analytics platform. Additionally, Jaspersoft's architecture conforms to W3C standards, meaning that it should integrate with web environments such as CMS systems or portals.

The company provides a list of features that have been introduced in 4.1 on its site. Jaspersoft 4.1 will help users get more out of their data, and with data becoming bigger and more valuable, many organizations will likely take note of the company's new capabilities.