Kapow, Informatica Lasso Hard-to-Reach Big Data

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Kapow, Informatica Lasso Hard-to-Reach Data
The problem with using data to make critical business decisions is not only that there is so much of it, but, increasingly, it’s in hard-to-reach locations -- social media, Web and cloud apps. Now, Kapow Software and Informatica Corporation are working to do something about that.

Under a strategic arrangement announced this week, Kapow Software is partnering with Informatica Corporation to release an Informatica PowerExchange for Kapow Katalyst that will yoke these data sources to do business’ work.

Announced at this week’s Informatica World 2012 user conference in Las Vegas, PowerExchange, part of the Informatica 9.5 Platform, is intended to analyze these sources of data to generate insight about trends relating to products, customers, competitors, markets and other moving targets.

‘Gold Mine’ Outside the Firewall

Kapow founder and CTO Stefan Andreasen noted in a statement that “big data is not just about internal data,” but also involves the “gold mine of information outside the firewall.”

In its announcement, the Palo Alto, California-based Kapow said that this partnership is a next step in the company’s Big Data strategy, which seeks to utilize unstructured content from any Web-based source -- especially the most difficult-to-access websites and cloud applications. 

Learning Opportunities

Kapow Katalyst is an enterprise-level application integration platform, providing integration solutions for apps that live in clouds and on-site, as well as for business process automation and Web intelligence. The platform is designed to use collaboration, visual flow-charts and other techniques to integrate app and data sources in complex situations, such as when there is no published API.

Three Trends of Big Data

PowerExchange for Kapow Katalyst uses the Informatica 9.5 Platform, whose reason for existence is to help companies get as much valuable information as they can from large datastores, while lowering the cost. Informatica points to its platform’s innovations in the three, relevant technological trends -- big transaction data, big interaction data and big data processing. 

At Informatica World, the company announced support for 9.5 from a variety of partners, including Capgemini, Advanced Systems Concepts, EMC’s Greenplum division, and others. Informatica Senior Vice President Alex Goreliktold news media that the strategic alliance with Kapow will help its customers obtain “an expanded view” of their own customers and business trends, by embracing and leveraging the data found in social media and on websites.