Kofax Buys Kapow to Move into Big Data Integration Space

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Kofax Analytics for Capture

Kofax has been making some serious moves to position itself in the big data market in recent months. In the latest move, it has announced the acquisition of data integration software vendor Kapow for US$ 47.5 million.

Kofax Acqusitions

While the deal itself is not huge in terms of the money involved, it does demonstrate ongoing growth for Kofax, which also bought business intelligence and analytics vendor Altososft in March this year for US$ 13.5 million. Altosoft wasn't a huge deal either, but it does show that Kofax is rapidly making the transition to the new information management space dominated by big data management and analytics.

Kofax has cut a healthy slice of this market through the development of its business applications for smart process management. However, with the development of multichannel data management, it needed more technologies for the development of data and process integration. Kapow, it says, will provide this by providing technologies to simplify the integration of smart process applications with third party content management systems for the import and export of content, as well as the validation of data during business processes.

In a statement relating to the deal, Kofax also said that  Kapow will enable it to penetrate the content transformation market associated with multichannel capture. In conjunction with Kapow’s agile big data platform, this should give users easy access to quantities of data that were not accessible before.

Learning Opportunities

Data Management, Integration Market

If the data integration solutions market is still only growing in parallel to the growth of the big data market, then the Kapow acquisition puts Kofax in an ideal position to ride the data integration wave.

Earlier this year, Gartner took a look into this market to see what was happening and found that it was worth US$ 1.9 billion in 2011 --  up 15.3% on 2010 -- and was continuing to expand.

As the pressure on enterprises to provide broader and deeper customer experiences grows, the data integration market will grow with it. In fact, by 2016 this will be a market worth US$ 2.8 billion, which represents an annual compound growth of 9%, and the highest growth rate of any enterprise software market at the moment.

Meanwhile, Kofax says Chief Executive John Yapaola and Stefan Andreasen, founder and chief technology officer, will be retained for the immediate future, along withKapow’s 72 employees in the US and Europe.

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