Larry Ellison Introduces Oracle Public Cloud, Bashes Salesforce #oow11
Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison announced the Oracle Public Cloud today at the OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. Billed as an enterprise cloud for business critical applications, the company's standards-based addition aims to knock other players -- both established and hopeful -- clear out of the race.  

What it is

The Oracle Public Cloud is based on Oracle’s Fusion Applications platform, a project the company has spent the last six years engineering. 

As of now the release -- which uses Java, SQL, XML and other standards -- will include the following:

  • Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management
  • Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management
  • Oracle Social Network
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service

"Our cloud's a little bit different. It's both platform as a service and applications as a service," said Ellison during his stage time. "The key part is that our cloud is based on industry standards and supports full interoperability with other clouds. Just because you go to the cloud doesn't mean you forget everything about information technology from the past 20 years."

What it isn't 

Lots of "false cloud" accusations have been flying around in recent times. According to Ellison, his product steers clear of them by checking out on three major points:

  • Can you move your applications and data from cloud to cloud to on-premise?
  • Is your data safely stored in a secure separate database and virtual machine? 
  • Do you automatically get more resources when you have more work to do?


Ellison was also very clear in defining how his announcement was unique by comparing Oracle's product to those from  top competitors. In contrast,'s platform was repeatedly called the "roach motel" of cloud services due to its use of APEX. "You can check in but you can't check out," he said. 

Even though bought Heroku, a cloud application platform that supports Java, Ellison continued to bash:

Learning Opportunities

"They say, 'Oh, we just bought Heroku. It runs Java.' [But] it's sort of like a version of Java that only runs in Heroku. Don't try to move that application to the cloud. It won't run. If you build something in Heroku you can't move it. It's a derivative of Java."

Meanwhile, you can take any existing Oracle database you have and move it to the Oracle Public Cloud and it will run unchanged. You can also move it to the Amazon cloud, or any other cloud, and Ellison says nothing will change. 

"They key thing is you have a choice, and I'm pro choice," he continued. "The guys at salesforce, they're not pro choice." 

How You Can Get it

Monthly pricing plans and an official release date have yet to be defined, but Oracle is offering the option to fill out a form in order to be among the first to know when such details hit the wire. 

Thoughts on whether or not Oracle's cloud is a true cloud? Let us know in the comments below.