If LogiXML (newssite) recently identified the lack of agility of many business intelligence solutions as one of the reasons for many users’ dissatisfaction with BI vendors, its release of Logi Mobile, a major enhancement to its BI platform Logi Info, will help somewhat with the agile BI development for mobile devices.

The release, which LogiXML launched at Gartner’s ongoing business intelligence summit in Los Angeles, breaks users’ dependence on vendors developing specific BI products for specific devices.

If you’ve been using mobile devices, you’ll get the idea: Vendors release particular tools that work on particular devices, which always seem to be the device that your company doesn’t actually use.

Breaking Vendor Dependency

With Logi Mobile, LogiXML says it has broken the cycle of vendor-product dependency as it allows IT departments to support any device and enterprise use, giving users quick and flexible access to the BI products.

Most BI companies have built proprietary, device-specific mobile BI products and this is certainly one approach… We are giving them the ability to continue to develop their BI applications within Logi Info, which is familiar to them, and extend their applications to any mobile device without the headache of deploying, managing and supporting specialized, device-specific products,” said Brett Jackson, CEO, LogiXML.

And that, in a paragraph is exactly what Logi Mobile does. Using HTML 5, it enables enterprise developers to build BI applications, as well as offer other mobile features -- including geolocation, push-button emails and texts, screen size and orientation detection -- to mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

The result is that, by using Logi Mobile, instead of having to change devices when new applications that don’t support a particular device are installed in the enterprise, developers can develop a BI app that is compatible with both the enterprise application and whatever mobile device they are using.

Given that Gartner (news, site) estimates that 33% of BI functionality will be used via handheld devices by 2013, Logi Mobile makes a lot of business sense for LogiXML, but also for any organization that has a large mobile presence.

It’s important to keep in mind that Logi Mobile allows any organization to take an application that they have already invested time and resources in developing, and within minutes convert it into a mobile-ready offering,” said David Abramson, director of product management, LogiXML.

Agile BI

Founded in 2000, LogiXML has building web-based business intelligence since then with particular emphasis on business intelligence agility. You may recall, last year, that we defined agile software as software that can respond to changing markets or enterprise conditions quickly and effectively.

Recent research from LogiXML showed that for users and BI, dissatisfaction with existing deployments is widespread largely because companies are bogged down by traditional BI approaches that contain complex and costly platforms and data manipulation or toolsets with long development cycles.

Logi Mobile aims to change that, at least for mobile BI, but as the company has the development of agile applications as one of its goals, we should see a lot here in the coming months.