Day two has wrapped-up here in San Francisco at Lucid Imagination's (news, site) Lucene Revolution event. I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many computational linguists in a single location. Before lunch, Lucid Imagination managed to squeeze in eight sessions, a panel and a keynote address -- all about search. Didn’t know there was that much to discuss? Maybe you should consider attending next year.

Search is becoming increasingly important to enterprises as their data sizes grow, content becomes more diverse and new information streams such as geo-data and friend feeds disclose customer behavior and perceptions. Further, technology is converging.

Enterprises are challenged to determine the appropriate use cases and boundaries for search, content management, NOSQL, analytics and the good ‘ole relational database – since many have implemented overlapping features. Perhaps that’s why Lucene Revolution’s attendance keeps growing. The presenters aren’t sales and marketing (no offense, we love you guys); they are fellow technologist that had similar problems and questions.

In addition to attending sessions, I interviewed

  • Stephen O’Grady, Redmonk
  • Tyler Tate, TwigKit
  • Mark Davis, Kitenga
  • Otis Gospodnetić, Sematext
  • Marc Krellenstein, Lucid Imagination
  • Stephen Dunn, Guardian

All are doing innovative things with the open source search platform. However, perhaps more amazingly, although these guys are industry innovators, every single person said they had learned something new at the conference. That’s impressive.

Look out for our next article to see the live video and read about the session content.