Metalogix has been steadily buying up hefty swaths of the Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem -- and it's now bought up Idera's SharePoint business. It includes tools that focus on backup, maintenance, security and governance.

SharePoint Installations Getting Bigger

SharePoint has never been more popular, and the average instance now stands at about 1.5 terabytes, Jignesh Shah, chief strategy and marketing officer at Metalogix, said in an interview. "Backing up 1 terabyte takes about eight hours," Shah said.

"That makes a typical system an eight to 12 hour process, and with Idera's backup tools integrated with Metalogix StoragePoint, that time goes down to just minutes."

StoragePoint already has some basic backup functionality, but Idera's entire business is laser focused on backup systems, and not just for SharePoint. It also specializes in SQL backup and it will continue to focus on those other offerings now that Metalogix has its SharePoint tools.

Having the ability to reliably and quickly backup and restore SharePoint data certainly sounds like a winning approach from a business standpoint. Stephen Murphy, Metalogix CEO, said the Idera buy represents a changing of the guard among SharePoint independent software vendors.

"Hopefully people will see us as a leader in the marketplace that is as invested in SharePoint as they are," he said.

Metalogix Acquires Idera's SharePoint Tools
Most companies spend 8-12 hours on backing up data, and that should be greatly reduced by integrating Idera's tools with Metalogix.

Learning Opportunities

Cloud, Mobile Are Next Steps

Two words that aren't currently synonymous with SharePoint are cloud and mobile, but Microsoft is working on that, and Metalogix is poised to be ready when SharePoint improves in those areas, Shah said. "Customers are constantly talking with us about this," he added.

Knowledge workers are keen to access SharePoint data on their mobile devices, often to make an administrative change or quick edit. Because they often find it cumbersome to do so, SharePoint adoption suffers.

The integration of Yammer and Office tools are helping foster user adoption, but security is also critical, Shah said. Backup is a big part of security, and that's where this acquisition comes in. In addition to technology, Idera's 1,000 SharePoint customers are coming over in the deal, and they've already been folded into the Metalogix family, Shah said.

Once the tools from Idera and another recent acquisition, Axceler, are fully integrated with Metalogix, the company will focus innovation on cloud and mobile technology, Murphy said. The Axceler integration is right on schedule, and there's a webinar coming up in November that will more fully detail the company's plans.