Metalogix's decision this month to deliver the Metalogix Total Email Management and Migration solution for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud signifies another effort from a software vendor to put stock into the cloud.

Metalogix and the Cloud Space 

We heard all last week at OpenText's annual conference about the enterprise information management (EIM) industry putting stock in the cloud. We also saw a sea of providers put efforts into the cloud late last quarter. Metalogix's announcement falls into the trend.

Metalogix claims its move will enable businesses to increase flexibility and scalability, reduce costs by moving email and file data off expensive proprietary storage systems and eliminate additional hardware requirements through the use of the AWS cloud.

The company noted that it provides services for email archiving, backup, security, migration and continuity for the cloud. This allows organizations to migrate and archive their email and user data into the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment securely. It combines Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition 6.0 and Metalogix Email Migrator 1.0.

Why This Product? caught up with Hudson Casson, director of product marketing for Metalogix, about the new cloud capabilities with Amazon. Asked about the solution's "wow factor," he told us it gives organizations the ability to test out Metalogix solutions and the AWS cloud at the same time.

information management, Metalogix Latest to Make Cloudy Move. Who's Next?

"Our instant proof of concept feature will also allow administrators to sample a cloud mirror image of their existing environment," Casson told us. "Once this has been tested and validated Metalogix can complete the process by migrating the email to the new platform."

Asked about the pain points the solution aims to solve, Casson said it reduces IT overhead and costs of on-premises infrastructure and consolidates the current sprawling email infrastructure in one dedicated virtual private cloud.

For whom does it solve these problems?

"Organizations on tight budgets, such as the Public Sector," Casson added, "and other organizations that require extra security and compliance features in a dedicated cloud environment."

As for pricing, Casson said the product is free to test right now, and more details will follow in the near future. Asked about similar offerings based off this solution, Casson said Metalogix will be announcing more details in the "near future."

Cloudy Times

To prove the industry's cloudy state, at least three vendors made moves into the cloud in late August.

Microsoft doubled the size of its cloud mailboxes, with capacities increasing from 25 GB to 50 GB for inboxes in Exchange Online and Office 365, at no extra charge. The fatter mailboxes were rolled out all fall through this month. Shared mailboxes and Office 365 Kiosk mailboxes also doubled, to 10 GB and 2 GB respectively. 

It was only a week earlier that Box announced it increased the GB bucket for cloud data storage for its business clients.

And in between those announcements, Microsoft said it’s pretty much doing the same thing with its SkyDrive Pro. The name of the game here is expanding GBs while maintaining security as businesses use enterprise collaboration for document and file sharing in the cloud and on mobile devices.

Box, which touts its 20 million users in 180,000 businesses, said it made two major updates: doubling the free storage in its personal plan from 5 GB to 10 GB, and the debut of a starter-edition that gets users into the Box for $5 per month. For Box, it was the first time in three years it made such significant developments to storage capabilities to the enterprise.

Relieving Infrastructure Burden

Peter Senescu, president and co-founder of MetaVis Technologies, said his company is seeing a similar growth opportunity around adopting the cloud as IT infrastructure for managing information. More than 65 percent of MetaVis' business, he told, is migrating and then managing information in the cloud.

"MetaVis' platform is a client side tool that is engineered for the cloud and doesn't rely on a server on premise," he added. "Companies can easily calculate the ROI and have realized that they do not want to be in the infrastructure business, and it is best to hand that over to Microsoft's Azure, Amazon AWS and Rackspace or use specialist for information hosting such as, AppRiver and Sherweb.”  

Deni Connor, founding analyst, SSG-NOW, said in a statement that shifting the storage burden to cloud infrastructure, such as AWS, "can significantly increase business agility, while also saving many thousands of dollars."

"By simplifying the migration process both into and out of the cloud," he said, "Metalogix is dialing up the value proposition of cloud solutions even further."