Enterprise software is following the consumer market and is going down a path of increased mobility. As a result, enterprise-focused software solutions need to be able to adapt to provide information at the right time, to mobile devices. This is why H3 Solutions is releasing new capabilities to Mobile Entree that will enable mobile users to see SharePoint performance data and enable HTML5-powered offline-capable mobile app creation.

What's new in the latest release of Mobile Entree? The mobile-focused list includes:

PerformancePoint Mobile Support

For business intelligence managers, tracking performance is a huge task. With version 3.0 of Mobile Entree, PerformancePoint now enables a touch friendly user interface that is tuned for smartphones and tablets alike. SharePoint Business Intelligence is brought to mobile using self-service dashboards and Excel, PowerPivot and Excel services. For example, SharePoint administrators can enable Excel Services to render reports in mobile browsers.

The new capabilities are compatible with Safari on Windows and computers and iOS 4 devices, Android phones and tablets running version  2.2 and above, and the BlackBerry Playbook.

HTML5 Offline Capability

In addition to mobile device support, Mobile Entree 3.0 also includes a framework, enabled by HTML5, that makes it possible to develop offline capable mobile apps that can be taken offline on iOS and Android phones and tablets. In addition to offline support, the company has promised to continue to support new HTML5 capabilities as they come to market.

Positive Feedback Thus Far

Ali Rizwan, a SharePoint Developer, posted about his early experiments with the new version of Mobile Entree. He noted that the installation was very straightforward and was impressed with Mobile Entree's ability to interact with content using the existing BI content already created in SharePoint.


mobile_entree_iOS report.PNG

Mobile Entree 3.0 is an attractive addition to an already strong product. Those who wish to enable mobile offline access to their existing BI infrastructure on SharePoint should check out this option to deliver attractive reports to mobile stakeholders.

It should be pointed out that Mobile Entree, with support for Android, iOS and Blackberry Playbooks, the company is further delivering on a commitment to cross-platform support. In fact, tablets of all shapes and sizes are supported, showing support for whatever tablet solution your enterprise may employ.